It takes a M*A*S*H fanatic to answer these questions from a vintage quiz book

Try to pass this TV trivia challenge from 1984.

Book cover: Plume Books

You can find all sorts of goodies at garage sales and used book stores. Take this dog-eared paperback, for example. In 1984, Paul Bertling published a book of trivia titled M.A.S.H.: The Official 4077 Quiz Manual.

The 164-page paperback was meant for serious fans. Our in-house M*A*S*H expert even scratched her head on some of the questions. 

We culled some of our favorites. See how well you know M*A*S*H! If you can get 7 or more, we are impressed!

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  1. What did Trapper forget when he left the 4077?
  2. Match the person to the nickname: Sgt. Pryor
  3. Match the person to the nickname: Col. Al Houlihan
  4. Where did Hawkeye go to school?
  5. In what city did Hawkeye do his surgical residency?
  6. What was Lt. Dish's first name?
  7. Who was the first actor to play Father Mulcahy (on the television show)?
  8. Was Jamie Farr in the pilot?
  9. Name the actor or actress who played this member of the 4077: Rizzo
  10. Name the actor or actress who played this member of the 4077: Igor
  11. Finally, this tough question can be found on the back cover: Give Klinger's bra size and brand. (Hint: The answer can be found in the episode "Radar's Report".)

It takes a M*A*S*H fanatic to answer these questions from a vintage quiz book

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Charlie5557 12 days ago
9 out of 11 Miss was Jamie Farr on the pilot and Lt Dish name. Not bad!
bobsr1701 13 days ago
11 out of 11, Good questions on the show
scp 14 days ago
9 out of 11; missed Lt. Dish's name and Klinger's bra size.
STTOS 15 days ago
You got 10 out of 11 - It helps to pay close attention to the details! How did you do? Missed #6 the lovely Lt. Dish.
JeffTanner 15 days ago
''You got 7 out of 11'' -------- It helps to pay close attention to the details! How did you do? I got 4,6,9 and 11 wrong.
KevinMeerschaert 15 days ago
Finally, a quiz of some challenge 9 out of 11.
Glenn 16 days ago
The early seasons were best. The last couple of seasons seemed too labored.
Worst Episode: Dream Sequence. It's cringe worthy.
Howie 16 days ago
The episode where Col. Blake was killed leaving Korea was one of the only 2 or 3 times I ever saw my late dad cry. What a terrible, heart-wrenching thing that'd have been for the man's family and friends in reality...
ShellyS 16 days ago
I missed Klinger's bra. I remember him saying he was wearing a Warner bra, when he first meets Potter.
AgingDisgracefully 16 days ago
Don't forget the pre-Potter appearance of Henry Morgan, who reminded the audience it was neat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud.
Yeah, He was a nutty General who should have retired from the Army years ago.
Isthmoid161 16 days ago
First 3 seasons Tops!
Wont watch seasons 8 and up, Too often, too Serious, not very funny!
I'm 58, and have been watching since it Premiered in Prime time, and ever since in Syndication. Was not expecting questions about 3rd string Actors Real Names! Give me "Story Line" Questions, and I'll ACE it! Lol!!😊😁😂🤣
Rickey 16 days ago
You got 11 out of 11
It helps to pay close attention to the details! How did you do?
Joseph 17 days ago
11/11. MASH was great in its first few seasons. In its last few seasons it was godawful. Terrible writing, not funny, and way too sanctimonious
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Joe Joseph 17 days ago
WOW… I didn't think anyone else felt the same way about M*A*S*H! After Frank left the 4077, the show "jumped the shark"! I can't watch any of the post-Burns episodes… they're just totally UNfunny! The show was initially supposed to be a comedy with an anti-war undercurrent. But, then it became too serious delving into personal storylines. I can't even remember a laugh track in those later seasons… because it wasn't a comedy anymore. And people say that the final episode was great. But, it was horrible. Viewers got caught-up in the nostalgia and didn't look at it critically. And one of the things that bugged me just as much, was that the show was supposed to be taking place during the Korean War, yet every actor especially from the middle to final seasons had hair and makeup that looked like the seventies, when it was filmed.
[stepping down from soapbox]
Wiseguy CelticTwilight 16 days ago
The middle years were the best.
MrsPhilHarris Joe 15 days ago
For me it was after Henry and Trapper left. Plus the got rid of some of the secondary characters and concentrated on Hawkeye too much (in my opinion).

And I completely agree about the hair and makeup. I always thought it weird.
Joe MrsPhilHarris 15 days ago
Though, I still liked M*A*S*H even after both Henry and Trapper left, their respective replacements, Potter and Honeycutt were too serious for my taste. I agree that Henry and Trapper were the originals and a major (no pun intended) piece to the show's comedic puzzle. But, once Hawkeye's nemesis, Frank exited and stuffy, Charles arrived, for me, the show went down the "latrine" very fast.
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