Can you find the one Alan Alda photo that is NOT Hawkeye?

Captain Pierce wasn’t the only role Alda played in the Seventies. Can you find the movie character we’ve mixed in with these M*A*S*H images?

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Alan Alda will always be known as Captain Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce from M*A*S*H. Alda not only appeared in all 251 of the iconic show’s episodes, he was also heavily involved behind the scenes as well, writing 19 installments and directing 32.

But the eleven-season sitcom is far from the only famous gig Alda has had during his long career. He even found time to star in multiple movies while still a part of the 4077th in the 1970s.

Here are eight pictures of Alan Alda as Hawkeye and one picture of him in a totally unrelated Seventies role. Can you find the odd one out? Keep looking until you’ve found it!

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  1. Which one of these Alan Alda photos is NOT Hawkeye?

Can you find the one Alan Alda photo that is NOT Hawkeye?

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HawkeyeBFPierce4077 8 months ago
Third try, Just realised the hairstyle is different.
kidhickey 12 months ago
I guess the right Picture , but i was off on the movie , i was thinking of the movie where Alan Alda , co starred with Marlo Thomas . where she/her played a pregnant Birthing Person LOL , that is what we are calling them now right ?i don't remember the name of the Movie that Alan Alda co starred with Marlo Thomas but it was set during the Vietnam war years , and he married Alan Alda Character's the Pregnant woman to try avoid the Draft .
327053 12 months ago
Woo hoo! The hairstyle gives it away 👍
JKMallaber 12 months ago
Well I found it, but I don't know how many I had to tap before I did. This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.
Coldnorth 12 months ago
First try yipeeeeeeeeee. It’s the Little things make me so happy
Jeffrey 12 months ago
''That's not Hawkeye! Correct! This is Alan Alda in the 1978 movie Same Time, Next Year. --You found it! First time taking the quiz too! It's almost too easy! Number 6 picture.''
RichLorn 12 months ago
2nd try.
I used my lucky number for my 1st try. Now I have a new lucky number.
Wenatchee7 12 months ago
1st try. Jacket with no shirt, easy choice.
Catnaps 12 months ago
Got it in one try.

The curtains and the crown molding just didn't seem like they would be in a tent.
MikefromJersey 12 months ago
Got it in one:
"Correct! This is Alan Alda in the 1978 movie Same Time, Next Year. You found it!"
oldmoe51 12 months ago
I thought it was this one because of the hair but first picked one of the Santa clause one first so got it in two.
bsantaniello 12 months ago
I got this one on first try. Years ago HBO would run the same movie every day for the month. I watched Same time next year at least 20 times that month!
I remember that! I watched it probably 3 times that month. Excellent movie, and the
theme song was outstanding. Cheers paid homage to the movie in a episode with
Barbara Feldon.
Paired with The Four Seasons it would make a good double feature.
It was paired with a movie called Movie, movie (1978). A movie within a movie. Pretty corny plot. Watched it every time Same time next year ended. 😵
GeorgiaReadenour 12 months ago
Second try...wasn't sure with the Santa pic ...then saw the one that didn't fit his look in Mash!!
richardkel 12 months ago
Got it right on the first response. Never saw the movie, but recognized that Alan Alda did not wear that type of shirt in the series. I remembered all the other pix.
MaryAnn 12 months ago
I have a confession to make. I have NEVER watched an entire episode of MASH. And yet, I had no trouble picking out the non-MASH picture of Alan Alda on my very first try. Too easy, MeTV. Too easy. 🥴
Randall 12 months ago
I NEVER missed an episode of MASH, it bothers me that people forget that it was a comedy/drama, not just a comedy!when Alan Alda agreed to do the show he insisted that there be a message , He didn't want to do just a Gang comedy like Hogan's heroes. MASH started the trend of MESSAGE TV.
dodgebob Randall 12 months ago
Ya, you're so right, and some times it takes watching several times to get that message. The way the writers studied the war and made it as close to reality as they could while sprinkling comedy to keep you coming back for more.
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