Can you guess what show Zamba the lion is in?

This big cat had a long career that rivaled many human actors!

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Most people probably remember Zamba from his starring roles in films like The Lion, Fluffy and Napoleon and Samantha. But like many of his human counterparts from that era, Zamba also did some of his best work on television. 

The gentle giant often scared people in sitcoms before showing his kinder side. He also appeared in Westerns and police procedurals.

Do you remember seeing Zamba in any classic shows? Try to match his scenes to the right series!

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  1. Someone had a lion in their apartment in...
  2. Zamba was his usual snuggly self in...
  3. What show is Zamba in here?
  4. What is this tense scene from?
  5. Zamba took a stroll in the park in...
  6. What is this close encounter from?
  7. There's a lion on the bed! What is this scene from?
  8. Zamba ran down (and back up) the stairs in...
  9. Zamba roamed the house in...
  10. What is this scene from?

Can you guess what show Zamba the lion is in?

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WGH 2 months ago

I love big cats. Instead of going to Med school, I almost went on to get a PhD in biology to work with them. Thought about going to vet school to work at a zoo also. Just love tigers and lions. Bears... not so much
L 24 months ago
8 out of 10.

Let's play what if...

Trainer/animal trainer was just off camera telling me what to do and how to do it, I would MOST DEFINITELY want to pet him without being scratched, bitten or being a food source if it was in any way possible.

That goes for any "trained" lion.
MikefromJersey 25 months ago
10 for 10.
Easier than coughing up a fur ball.
robyni23 25 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
This quiz was a walk in the park for you! Great job!
Missed #7
TheOnlyONE 25 months ago
10/10. Ralph Helfer had one amazing Lion.
Coldnorth 25 months ago
8out of 10. What a beautiful cat. Wish I could’ve cuddled with him.
L Coldnorth 24 months ago
Me too. But this is essentially an wild animal who STILL had wild instincts.

This is not like your domestic feline.
Lillyrose 25 months ago
5 out of 10. Mostly guesses; I only saw the My Three Sons episode.
hummingbirds 25 months ago
I vote for Lassie (black & white) with Timmie too!
eugenebelvinandmoosefan8 25 months ago
When I took this quiz on Zamba the lion
it made me think of Clarence the lion on
Daktari a TV show starring Marshall Thompson .Was Zamba also Clarence on
Daktari? I have seen Daktari for over ten
years. I would like to see reruns of Daktari
On METV.I would also like to see reruns of
Lassie on METV and The Drew Carey Show.
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