Can you guess what show Zamba the lion is in?

This big cat had a long career that rivaled many human actors!

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Most people probably remember Zamba from his starring roles in films like The Lion, Fluffy and Napoleon and Samantha. But like many of his human counterparts from that era, Zamba also did some of his best work on television. 

The gentle giant often scared people in sitcoms before showing his kinder side. He also appeared in Westerns and police procedurals.

Do you remember seeing Zamba in any classic shows? Try to match his scenes to the right series!

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  1. Someone had a lion in their apartment in...
  2. Zamba was his usual snuggly self in...
  3. What show is Zamba in here?
  4. What is this tense scene from?
  5. Zamba took a stroll in the park in...
  6. What is this close encounter from?
  7. There's a lion on the bed! What is this scene from?
  8. Zamba ran down (and back up) the stairs in...
  9. Zamba roamed the house in...
  10. What is this scene from?

Can you guess what show Zamba the lion is in?

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