Can you draw Bugs Bunny by picking the right pieces?

Choose the right shapes and colors to form the iconic cartoon rabbit!


Bugs Bunny has no doubt inspired countless cartoonists and animators who watched him onscreen as kids and practiced drawing him over and over until they got it right.

Have you ever tried to draw Bugs? Now is your chance! In a way.

Don't worry, no actual art skills are required for this quiz. Just pick which shapes and colors you think belong to Bugs and see if you can form the iconic rabbit by the end!

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  1. Let’s start with the background. Which one is from a Bugs Bunny cartoon?
  2. Let's draw the ears. Which one of these outlines is from Bugs?
  3. What color are the insides of Bugs’ ears?
  4. What’s the right shape for Bugs’ face?
  5. Does Bugs have whiskers?
  6. Let's draw Bugs' front teeth. Which ones are his?
  7. What color is Bugs’ nose?
  8. How many fingers does Bugs have?
  9. Let's draw Bugs' feet. What's the right shape?
  10. He's almost fully drawn! How much should you color in Bugs?

Can you draw Bugs Bunny by picking the right pieces?

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Stoney 32 months ago
10 for 10...I drew him enough as a kid to know all the answers by heart lol
cnick9999 34 months ago
Toonie doll...Toonie plush...Toonie action get the idea..pleeeeease!!!
JeffPaul76 35 months ago
" You got 8 out of 10" -------------Did you draw everything right or were some parts a little off? -------I got 3 & 7 wrong. The color of the insides of his ears, and the color of his nose.
Roxen650 36 months ago
Hey, MeTV, if you're ever gonna air "Detouring America", can you guys just cut out ALL scenes of ethnic stereotyping? This is, because editing partially the Native American scenes would seem like an EXTREME lackluster job, and I don't mind it censored.
ThomasPotter Roxen650 6 months ago
what the hell are you on about??
Dajj 37 months ago
7/10 I havent seen him in a while!!
Mark 37 months ago
6 out of 10.

Huge Bugs Bunny fan but I guess I didn't know him as well as I thought I did.
gockionni 37 months ago
8/10 - red nose? Looks more pinkish, I think; that wasn’t a choice though, oh well
LH 37 months ago
“Eat ‘em all up while it’s a still sizzilin’!!
Loved Bugs when he acted like an Italian waiter and served the Tasmanian devil the dynamite disguised as a turkey!!!
Wendy57 37 months ago
The teeth and nose got me.
ETristanBooth 37 months ago
8/10, which isn't bad considering I never really watch it. (Why a red nose?)
jimmyvici 37 months ago
7/10…never noticed he had a red nose…🤯
UTZAAKE 37 months ago
5/10. Watched more Easter's Lock & Security Solutions commercials than Bugs Bunny cartoons in this millennium.
Catman 37 months ago
sigh ... you look, but you do not see.
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