Can you guess what other shows these Gunsmoke cast members are on?

They played judges, detectives and even met Shakespeare in other series.


Though Gunsmoke aired for 20 seasons, an eternity by TV standards, the talented cast still made appearances on many other shows before, after, and during its run. Do you remember seeing any familiar Dodge City faces show up in other classic series?

Here are ten members of the Gunsmoke cast in various other shows. Try to guess what show each actor is on!

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  1. James Arness sported a great mustache on which show?
  2. Amanda Blake was in a murder mystery episode of which anthology series?
  3. "The boss is Captain Lohrman" describes Milburn Stone's character on which 1950s detective series?
  4. On Gunsmoke he was the bartender but on this show Glenn Strange was a stagecoach driver.
  5. Dennis Weaver was on trial in a classic episode of which show?
  6. Ken Curtis showed off his singing voice in this Western.
  7. What show is Buck Taylor on here?
  8. Burt Reynolds met Shakespeare on which show?
  9. Roger Ewing played a jealous boyfriend on...
  10. In Dodge City, James Nusser was a drunk but on this show, he was as sober as a... well, you know.

Can you guess what other shows these Gunsmoke cast members are on?

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Muleskinner 38 months ago
7/10. A tough quiz.
Keith Muleskinner 36 months ago
Yeah, I did terrible 2/10
MarkSpeck 39 months ago
7 out of 10. Not bad. Helped that I knew Twilight Zone episodes, and the Buck Taylor one, you can clearly tell it's David Janssen with his back to the camera.
JanFresh 40 months ago
Shoot, 5/10, I did horrible
GregLemieux 40 months ago
9/10. Only missed #6. And as there were no character clues to help out, I don't feel bad about it.
Rebpen 40 months ago
6/10 I was gunned down, and not the streets of Dodge. I watch all of these shows so I should have known better. 😂
PortelaJ 40 months ago
4-10. I fell all over myself on this one. Oh well, better luck next time.
TheDavBow3 40 months ago
Oh boy, 4/10. Thank goodness David Janssen was so obvious in one of the pictures or it would have been 3/10!
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