Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Bonanza?

These long-running Westerns have many similarities. Can you tell them apart?

Gunsmoke and Bonanza are two of the most iconic Westerns in television history. Though very different in subject matter, they both brought action, humor and (usually doomed) romance to the small screen.

How well do you know these to classic favorites? Guess which of these questions applies to each show. Watch out, some could be about both!

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  1. Which show started in the 1950s and ended in the 1970s?
  2. Which show takes place in Kansas?
  3. Which show revolves around the Cartwright family?
  4. Which show started in black and white?
  5. Michael Landon appeared on this show.
  6. Which show originally aired on NBC?
  7. This show was based on a radio program with the same name.
  8. Amanda Blake appeared on this show.
  9. One of the actors owned a restaurant chain named after which show?
  10. Which show started with half-hour episodes?
  11. Pernell Roberts appeared on this show.
  12. Which show had a main character whose given first name was Eric?
  13. Sheriff Coffee laid down the law on which show?
  14. Which show premiered on TV first?
  15. The star of this show appeared alongside David Ogden Stiers and Alec Baldwin in the 1987 TV movie 'The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory.'

Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Bonanza?

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Cougar90 7 months ago
9 out of 10. Missed only the last one. It's been a while since I've watched "The Alamo: Thirteen Days To Glory." Still, I love my westerns.
MATTHEWtru65 24 months ago
How do I get to the shoals in watch them I don't understand this
Toonhead 25 months ago
13/15 I got #s 1 and 15 wrong. Ok I blew 15 all by myself but if Bonanza was on in the 50’s it had to be 1959. Actually I was pretty sure that Bonanza premiered in the 60’s. I’m sure one of my friends out there has the answer. Inquiring minds wanna know lol! Thanks 🙏 😂👍😎
Thacket Toonhead 8 months ago
It premiered in 59'
JeffPaul76 29 months ago
''You got 11 out of 15'' -----------Did these results make you smile or frown? Both.
Tresix 33 months ago
My results say I have 13 out of 15, but I only see one that I got wrong.
Toonhead Tresix 25 months ago
Ok I got the same score. But I goofed, according to #1, all by myself! When did the Cartwrights start ridin’ the tv range? 👍😎
Tresix Toonhead 25 months ago
Toonhead Tresix 25 months ago
AUUUGH! I was afraid of that! Oh well I was very young then, I’m older than that now. More’s the pity. Lol 😝👍😎
Tresix Toonhead 24 months ago
That was the year before I was born.
Mukusthebadd1 35 months ago
Toonhead Mukusthebadd1 25 months ago
C’mon it couldn’t have been THAT bad! Could it?? Just joshin’ pard. 😝🙏😎
Elkoman 35 months ago
4 wrong! Learned something, did not know Hoss first name was Eric
Toonhead Elkoman 25 months ago
Me neither, I just guessed cause I couldn’t remember a Gunsmoke character by that name. I guess being lucky is as good as knowing in this case. That was pretty obscure for sure! 😝👏👍😎
booster 36 months ago
12/15 I knew that Michael Landon and Pernell Roberts played on other westerns, but couldn't remember if they were on Gunsmoke. I guessed wrong. Dan Blocker played a villain on an early half hour long Gunsmoke episode.
Cowgirl booster 35 months ago
Michael Landon was in 2 episodes of The Rifleman. Pernell Roberts was in 3 episodes of Gunsmoke. Dan Blocker also guest starred in 1 episode of The Rifleman & 2 of Gunsmoke.
Toonhead Cowgirl 25 months ago
You go Cowgirl! Wowsers you ARE quite the fan! Bravo! 👏👍😎
denny 36 months ago
12/15 2 "both" answers got me. My quick finger got me on Michael Landon, I knew it was The Rifleman, but that's what happens when Cannon is playing in the background while I'm taking a quiz.
kkvegas 36 months ago
On all the MeTV quizzes, I always miss the questions about westerns because I never watched any of them; so when I read the title of the quiz, "Can you tell the difference between Gunsmoke and Bonanza?" I just answered, "No" and left it at that.
Toonhead kkvegas 25 months ago
KenKnighton 36 months ago
13/15 Very good!
Toonhead KenKnighton 25 months ago
Yes it is! Me too! 👏😝🤣👍😎
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