How well do you know the women of Gunsmoke?

They were tough, kind, kooky and even scary!

Though in a genre traditionally dominated by men, Gunsmoke added plenty of great female characters to the Western pantheon. Some were funny, some were as tough as any man and some were arguably the scariest villains Matt ever faced.

Test your knowledge of the women from this iconic show below!

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  1. What is Miss Kitty’s last name?
  2. Mrs. Smalley, who ran the boardinghouse in Dodge, is affectionately known as…
  3. Which famous film star played this ruthless matriarch in one Gunsmoke episode?
  4. Michael Learned’s guest starring role earned her what distinction?
  5. What is also unique about Michael Learned’s character?
  6. This kooky character proved so popular she got her own short-lived spinoff! What was her name?
  7. Con-artist Panacea Sykes travels to Dodge pretending to be who?
  8. Fran Ryan took over as the owner of The Long Branch in Gunsmoke’s final season. What was her character’s name?
  9. This actress also played the mom on which show?
  10. This actress was in multiple episodes of Gunsmoke as well as M*A*S*H and Star Trek. It’s…
  11. This actress guest starred on Gunsmoke but is best known as Milly on which Western?

How well do you know the women of Gunsmoke?

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LynCarceo 26 months ago
8/11; been awhile since I watched it
Beta6 28 months ago
10 out of 11. I should have gotten the one I missed.
Muleskinner 30 months ago
11/11. I know the ladies of Gunsmoke. 🤠
mamadukes7 31 months ago
Not bad only missed one! Always go with you first instinct lol
Beta6 mamadukes7 28 months ago
That's what messed me up. I didn't do that.
Cowgirl 32 months ago
How well do you know the women of Gunsmoke?
You got 11 out of 11
Kitty approves! Great job!
jollyrancher 33 months ago
Missed 6 thought she was Crazy Mary from Big Valley. Didn’t remember Dirty Sally. Rest were easy.
HansShultz1 33 months ago
9/11. I missed 6 and 7. The kommandant vill gif me night duty for dis.
Ninnjette 33 months ago
11/11!! 2 lucky guesses on 2 of them! Lol
CaptainDunsel 33 months ago
Mostly guessing. I was never a follower of Gunsmoke.
phialpha 33 months ago
10/11 Matt had many possible love interests. I think Kitty was more interested in Matt than vice versa, especially when she said "can I buy you a drink cowboy" to Matt
TheDavBow3 33 months ago
Missed 1, the boarding house question. This quiz is very reminiscent.
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