Are these nefarious outlaws from Gunsmoke or The Rifleman?

Did these criminal types face off against Lucas McCain or Matt Dillon?


Both Marshal Matt Dillon and Lucas McCain faced off against their fair share of villains. Sometimes they engaged in violent gunfights and other times it was more a battle of wits. The criminals themselves ranged from notorious killers to friendly con artists. But no matter the crimes, McCain and Dillon always strived to see justice done.

Here are some memorable outlaws from both Gunsmoke and The Rifleman. Can you guess which ones belong to each show?

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  1. Lon Chaney Jr. played a feared outlaw on which series?
  2. This gunman came to town in the very first episode of which show?
  3. Sammy Davis Jr. played a man who threatens the marshal in...
  4. Which show featured this crazed photographer as a villain?
  5. Which Western did this outlaw appear on?
  6. Cloris Leachman plays a greedy saloon woman in which series?
  7. This bad guy was one of seven in an intense episode of which show?
  8. This man appeared good at first but wasn't who he seemed. He was on...
  9. Don't be fooled by the cat! This outlaw is bad news. Which show was he on?
  10. You may recognize this bully but from which show?
  11. This cunning con artist appeared on...
  12. This dangerous wanted man is from...

Are these nefarious outlaws from Gunsmoke or The Rifleman?

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Thacket 14 months ago
10/12 I love the Sammy Davis Jr. episode on the rifleman
KenKnighton 39 months ago
12/12 My Rifleman knowledge came in handy!
Moverfan 40 months ago
If you are dumb enough to walk up to a guy who's as big as either Chuck Conners or James Arness and make him that mad, does it matter what show you're on?
Jeffrey 40 months ago
''You got 8 out of 12'' --------Did you know all these outlaws or were some hard to place?
noonie11 40 months ago
I aced the quiz👍👍👍👍👍
AllisonWunderland 40 months ago
11/12 🤣 Unbelievable! Got some good guesses in today 😉😎
MikefromJersey 40 months ago
9 for 12. Any quiz with Gunsmoke is tough, there were 635 episodes to remember. One of my favorites
is the one where Forest Tucker is obviously playing his F-Troop character, down to the same uniform
with hat askance, though his name is changed so they wouldn't have to pay the F-Troop producers a
fee. By the way, no one ever rode a horse better on screen, he was in one of the last cavalry troops
pre WW2.
AgingDisgracefully 40 months ago
Panacea Sykes?
Talk about an on'ry adversary!
FrankensteinLover 40 months ago
I Love Lon Chaney Jr but couldn't pass the Test. Lol
leebillyold 40 months ago
Jeffrey leebillyold 40 months ago
Okay, What's with the caterpillar on the brick wall outdoors?
texasluva 40 months ago
9 out of 12....Meh .

Okay Dillon and McCain I'm the buckaroo to outdraw you .
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