Can you guess what decade these vintage travel ads are from?

When did these ads for Pan Am, Eurailpass and Airstream come out?


Images: Air France / Airstream / United Airlines / Best Western

Travel has changed a lot over the decades. In the latter half of the 20th century, things that were prohibitively expensive for most people became more affordable.

Here are 20 vintage ads from that era of travel expansion. Try to guess whether each one is from the Sixties, the Seventies or the Eighties.

  1. When is this Airstream ad from?
    Image: Airstream
  2. What decade was this ad touting British Columbia made?
    Image: Destination BC Corp.
  3. When is this Ireland tourism ad from?
    Image: Irish Tourist Office
  4. This Air France ad features Henry Fonda. When is it from?
    Image: Air France
  5. This ad about traveling Europe by train is from...
    Image: Eurail
  6. When is this Hyatt Hotels ad from?
    Image: Hyatt
  7. When is this New Zealand ad from?
  8. When did this colorful Best Western ad come out?
    Image: Best Western
  9. When is this Amtrak ad from?
    Image: Amtrak
  10. When is this minimal Herbert Matter ad for New York from?
    Image: Herbert Matter
  11. This advertises the ability to get close to Universal's famous blockbusters. What decade did it come out?
    Image: Universal
  12. This classic Winnebago ad is from which decade?
    Image: Winnebago
  13. With a View-Master, you can travel the world with leaving your house! When is this ad from?
    Image: Sawyer's
  14. When is this travel ad from?
  15. What about this international travel ad?
  16. When is this Pan Am ad from?
    Image: Pan Am
  17. What decade is this Toronto tourism ad from?
  18. This ad touts scuba diving in the Bahamas. When is it from?
  19. This United Airlines ad shows the beauty of Hawaii. What decade was it created?
    Image: United Airlines
  20. What decade is this Union Pacific "Domeliner" ad from?
    Image: Union Pacific

Can you guess what decade these vintage travel ads are from?

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JewelsChuck 46 months ago
11/20, I need to look closer at ads in magazines. 😏
CouchPotato987 46 months ago
Tough to tell when some of the ads that only had graphics and not real people in them were from. This was a tough one.
texasluva 46 months ago
It's that time folks. You know. The day after The 4th of July. When you partied down and ate all those goodies, knocked down a beer or half dozen, drank Johnny Walker dry, BBQ'd those fat juicy steaks, ribs or chicken. Even this morning when you are waddling around and have a Egg McMuffin, apple pie and on over to Race Track and got that special 24 oz coffee that the machine grinds up the beans. Then grab a huge Cinnamon roll covered in thick white frosting . Heaven right? Yeah for the time being. Now to lose those 20,000 calories you took in. I've put together a dance music workout routine that you can move your booty to. So kick those legs, move them arms and flap around. Let's get started. Here are some good workout music to get your blood pumping and your Mojo a working.
Bend Me Shape me. That's what we intend on doing. Off that swivel chair and bouncing to the music. Yes up down over and around. That's it.

I know what someone (a few) is gonna say about this one. What's with the Disco man! If you wish you can sit this one out but me I am gonna give it a little jive. I can just pretend I'm John Travota a whole 3 minutes. It's not like every other tune is Disco, come on. Step it!

Yeah you know this one is for you. Aren't we all some sort of Village People. So say YMCA and hey you moving away.

Momma Mia its-----ABBA. Get those arms and legs moving and Mamma Mia isn't this fun.

Come on , come on do the Loco Motion with me.

Cubby says let's twist again. Around and around .
. Whew I am gassed
texasluva 46 months ago
This comment has been removed.
texasluva stephaniestavr5 46 months ago
True but did not want to leave a music station. Just picked at random in 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Richard Simmons I'm not
Great selection Alan 👍 BTW, there ain't NOTHING wrong with John Travolta, Bee Gees or Saturday Night Fever 😎😉
Ty ty. Well there's a few here that don't Disco. I can live with it. To think that JT does not appeal to everyone. Come on now, get down on it Now where did my shades go .
gumby7 46 months ago
You got 10 out of 20.
I got some just from the fonts and hair styles. Others I guessed and guessed wrong.
madmark1 46 months ago
I got 10 out of 20 this was a pretty difficult quiz
TheDavBow3 46 months ago
I gotta plan better vacations! 😄 Maybe next year 😉
TheDavBow3 46 months ago
9/20 so not good. I need a bigger screen to look at these ads! Didn't go with my gut when I should have.
cynkgreen 46 months ago
Some were not clear enough or not close enough to get a good enough look for a clue. Suggest enabling zoom feature on the pics.
BobD 46 months ago
13/20. Harder than I thought!
UTZAAKE 46 months ago
14/20. 1, 8, 11, 14, 15 and 18. So ashamed!
jojo68 46 months ago
13/20. This one was not fun.😒👎
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