Are these the names of Perry Mason episodes or Nancy Drew novels?

Can you tackle these troublesome titles?

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Nancy Drew and Perry Mason were two of 20th-century America's most famous fictional case-solvers. Whether it was on the small screen or in print, millions of people followed along with their favorite character to see who would be revealed as the culprit in the end.

Here are the titles of ten Nancy Drew novels and ten Perry Mason TV episodes.

For each mystery, there is an answer in the naming format of each property. Can you guess which ones are Perry Mason episodes and which ones are Nancy Drew books?

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  1. Who solved the "Broken Locket?"
  2. Who figured out the "Moth-Eaten Mink?"
  3. Who solved the "Missing Map?"
  4. Who cracked the "Crossword Cipher?"
  5. Who faced the "Runaway Corpse?"
  6. Who solved the "Gilded Lily?"
  7. Who settled the "Moss-Covered Mansion?"
  8. Who solved the "Empty Tin?"
  9. Who revealed the "Buried Clock?"
  10. Who deciphered the "Spider Sapphire?"
  11. Who figured out the "Howling Dog?"
  12. Who faced the "Invisible Intruder?"
  13. Who worked out the "Rolling Bones?"
  14. Who broke the "Brass-Bound Trunk?"
  15. Who solved the "Scarlet Slipper?"
  16. Who unraveled the "Nine Dolls?"
  17. Who deciphered the "Deadly Double?"
  18. Who dealt with the "Mysterious Mannequin?"
  19. Who solved the "Crooked Candle?"
  20. What about the "Twisted Candles?"

Are these the names of Perry Mason episodes or Nancy Drew novels?

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George58 5 months ago
19/20 Can't believe I got #17 wrong! Shame on me!
Bricat2001 14 months ago
16/20, I love the classic Nancy drew books and the files series as well :D
seaeagle 15 months ago
You got 20 out of 20. Did you phone it in or did you re-call every answer?

;-) Yep, obsessed PM fan ;-)
Lillyrose 20 months ago
12 out of 20. I have never watched Perry Mason, and it has been a long time since I read Nancy Drew books. I used to love reading the Nancy Drew books when I was younger.
dekane54 20 months ago
I feel like I should have done better than 16 out of 20. After all I'm still watching Perry Mason and I read Nancy Drew books as a teenager! I guess it's the old memory lol
bagandwallyfan52 21 months ago
I would like to see on METV:
Nancy Drew Mysteries (Pamela Sue Martin)
Nancy Drew Movies
I would like to see Nancy Drew
Movies with Bonita GRANVILLE
LH 21 months ago
I did OK because I read Nancy Drew as a child so I recognize the titles versus Perry Mason that I never watched.
RichLorn 21 months ago
(Caution! Reading this will cost you a minute of your life you won't get back)
As a youngster I was a veracious reader of tween adventure books. I read all of Tom Swift Jr (and one original Tom Swift Sr book), all of the Hardy Boys, all of the Tom Corbet Space Cadet, and all of the Rick Brant series that were in print at the time. I always wanted to read the Nancy Drews because of the interesting titles and intriguing book cover art. But at that age i felt it would look odd for a boy to read them. The irony is that now that I am mature enough to be comfortable in my own skin, I'd feel like an absolute jackass to be seen buying them.
KJExpress RichLorn 21 months ago
It's too bad really. I read Nancy Drew, but I also read The Three Investigators mysteries, which featured three boys. I never read the Hardy Boys, but I would not have felt uncomfortable doing so. I understand your reluctance, though. 🙁
MrsPhilHarris RichLorn 21 months ago
I buy them from thrift shops, but only read the old ones. You don’t want anything updated or politically correct. I have one from the early sixties and that is about as recent as I want.
MrsPhilHarris KJExpress 21 months ago
Not familiar with The Three Investigators. 🤔 But will keep my eyes peeled. 👀
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 21 months ago
I was given books in the early 70's, but some of them still had cover art from an earlier time and you could tell which ones had had some updates.
KJExpress MrsPhilHarris 21 months ago
I have several of the series. I went on a nostalgia kick about 10 years ago and bought some off ebay. The titles are something like Alfred Hitchcock presents the Three Investigators: The Talking Skull. These books have been updated, as well, so you'd want something from maybe the late 60's or early 70's, which is when I was reading them.
lynngdance 21 months ago
13/20. Complete guessing! 😆. Oh, speaking of Perry Mason, did anyone notice that the “murderer” on last Sunday’s Perry Mason Movie was played by John Karlen, AKA Willie Loomis from Dark Shadows? 😄
The name of it was “Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin” btw. 🙂
KJExpress lynngdance 21 months ago
I had seen those Perry Mason movies several years ago, but I had forgotten about that episode. Well, it's appropriate since Willie had a lot of experience with coffins. 🦇
lynngdance KJExpress 21 months ago
😄 Yes, quite appropriate lol ⚰️ 😆
KJExpress lynngdance 21 months ago
Well, that takes me back! Hello, Mr. Collins!
McGillahooala 21 months ago
10/10. I started out strong, then stumbled, then fell flat. Missed all of the last six.
Jeremy 21 months ago
You got 20 out of 20
Did you phone it in or did you re-call every answer?

No, I got them all...without cheating!
TSeym22 21 months ago
17/20 Dang! Expected to at least recognize all the Perry Mason titles.
tootsieg 21 months ago
13/20. Big fan of both. Should of done better.
AgingDisgracefully 21 months ago
Fortunately, Nan and Perry never did a ratings-grabbing crossover episode.
drcrumpler 21 months ago
Me too, Retro6. Same logic we used there. Better luck next time for us.
retro6 21 months ago
16/20 not bad. Some of them just made more sense to be Nancy Drew. I’ve watched Perry Mason over the decades like I’ve watched The Twilight Zone. I thought I would naturally choose the correct titles but I was stumped on four!
Wendy57 21 months ago
Love Perry Mason and I used to read Nancy Drew books. Fun quiz.
KJExpress Wendy57 21 months ago
I grew up with Nancy Drew, too. Wish I had kept my books. 😔
Wendy57 KJExpress 21 months ago
Books can bring back lots of childhood memories. I kept a few of mine, but books are also heavy and we’ve moved a lot, so ...... 😔
KJExpress Wendy57 21 months ago
I understand. Been there, too. Hopefully, someone somewhere enjoyed my donated books.
Wendy57 KJExpress 21 months ago
I like to think so of mine too.
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