Pick: Would you eat these wacky, wiggling vintage summer recipes?

Would you try chive popsicles, onion Jell-O and "hamburger do-nuts" from the '50s and '60s?


Image: Ladies' Home Journal

American food tastes sure have changed over the last half-century. The era of Happy Days was filled with aspics, tuna molds, cold soups, and mayonnaise-fruit mixtures. You probably would not find these recipes at summer picnics these days.

But perhaps you are feeling nostalgic? We clipped some classic recipes from the 1950s and early '60s. If you are feeling adventurous, the recipes are even included with some of them.

What we really want to know is — would you eat these summer foods on a hot day?

  1. Everyone loves hamburgers. But what about these "Hamburger Do-Nuts" slathered in ketchup and suspended in corn?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  2. Does this count as a "burger"? It's cottage cheese, pepper and tomato between pineapple "buns."
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  3. Would you picnic with Chicken Breasts Supreme in Aspic?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  4. Refreshing popsicle! But wait… this is a savory Vichyssoise soup-sicle covered in chives.
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  5. Pie! But wait… this one is filled with potato salad.
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  6. Watch it wiggle! Would you eat this Neapolitan Vegetable Salad made from Lemon Jell-O, onions, carrots, cabbage and spinach?
     Image: Jell-O / Ladies' Home Journal
  7. Here is some Beef Tongue Vinaigrette served in a metal can.
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  8. Speaking of canned foods, Campbell's once sold this Consommé. Just freeze it, spoon it and eat it! It's made with beef!
     Image: Campbell's / Ladies' Home Journal
  9. Spam and Egg Salad Submarine?
     Image: Spam / Ladies' Home Journal
  10. This "Show-Off Casserole" is made from Miracle Whip, creamy of celery soup and ham chunks.
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  11. Tomato Aspic with Caviar Mayonnaise?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  12. Cheese Aspic Patio Platter?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  13. Would you try this "Luau Coleslaw" with mayo, cabbage, oranges and cranberry sauce?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  14. What about a blooming "Tomato Royale" topped with curried egg salad?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal
  15. Creamy Tuna Salad mold with carrots?
     Image: Ladies' Home Journal

Pick: Would you eat these wacky, wiggling vintage summer recipes?

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SheriHeffner 38 months ago
There is no way I would touch anything on this quiz.
MarianneCoon 44 months ago
The only thing I would try would be the egg salad and spam sandwich. I eat egg salad and spam, together it would be like ham and eggs--Id give it a shot.

carmelab 44 months ago
I grew up eating a variety of molded & shaped jello salads with fruit & veggies and such. Some were too icky even for me but some were pretty tasty.
Relishag 45 months ago
Ewww I wouldn't eat anything they had what's wrong with them oh my God no
Katzi 46 months ago
Ohhhh myyyyy gawd.... This looks some of stuff my grandmother used to make . My brother & I would get the "You'd BETTER eat it or ELSE " look from my parents when it was served,
John 46 months ago
It's comforting to know that most people wouldn't touch this garbage with a stick.

Love the description of the Tomato Royale: "It looks like a grenade". I'll bet it exploded in more than a few colons.
teethclenched 46 months ago
0% similar. Heh--guess I'm an adventurous eater. I did have to think about that Cheese Aspic Patio Platter, though.
biscuits18521 46 months ago
86% similar to the most popular responses.
Stoney 46 months ago
86% similar. I'm not as picky an eater now as I was when I was a kid, but there is some truly nasty stuff on this quiz!
biscuits18521 Stoney 46 months ago
Yes I agree. Some really weird combinations on it lol.
JenHill 46 months ago
the oldest Cookbook I have found was 1915 "Dainty desserts for dainty people : Knox gelatine." https://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.c006310913
CaptainDunsel 46 months ago
46% I'll try most things. But I'd *definitely* try #7. I love the idea of tasting a food that's tasting me back!
nightshade 46 months ago
you think this is bad? go to www.mid-centurymeals.com where a cookbook collector makes things like this and her husband tries it ..... there's waaay worse stuff than this in the 30-80s cookbooks and home magazines .......
nightshade nightshade 46 months ago
ehh its midcenturymeals.com
JenHill nightshade 46 months ago
https://www.midcenturymenu.com/ ;) & here is "Knox on-camera recipes : a completely new guide to gel-cookery. 1962"... https://hdl.handle.net/2027/coo.31924085786139
Moverfan nightshade 39 months ago
Oh...thank you, anyway.
jvf 46 months ago
#10 should read as "...cream of celery soup...", not "...creamy of celery soup..."
biscuits18521 jvf 46 months ago
Good proofreading skills!
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