Are these sci-fi movies from the 1950s or the 1980s?

Both decades were great eras for science fiction and horror.

A quick glance through the movies of both the 1950s and the 1980s shows some immediate connections. There were nostalgic films from the eighties like Stand By Me and Back to the Future which harkened back to a time thirty years earlier. There were also direct remakes like The Blob and Invaders from Mars.

Here are the titles of 20 movies from both decades. Some are true science fiction while others are horror movies with a science fiction element. Can you properly label which ones are from the 1950s and which came out 30 years later?

  1. Forbidden Planet
  2. They Live
  3. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  4. The Wasp Woman
  5. Critters
  6. Rocketship X-M
  7. Cat-Women of the Moon
  8. Night of the Comet
  9. The Twonky
  10. Swamp Thing
  11. Tobor the Great
  12. The Quiet Earth
  13. Night of the Creeps
  14. This Island Earth
  15. The Brain Eaters
  16. The Stuff
  17. Attack of the Giant Leeches
  18. The Incredible Shrinking Woman
  19. The World, the Flesh and the Devil
  20. Bloodsuckers from Outer Space

Are these sci-fi movies from the 1950s or the 1980s?

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vbellomo927 6 days ago
Wow. I did badly. And I call myself sci-fi not
John 9 days ago

First time in about six months that I swept one of these quizzes.
daDoctah 13 days ago
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - 1958
Attack of the 5 ft. 2 Women - 1994
Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold - 1995
Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader - 2012
Yolandadiana 15 days ago
9 out of 20 Scifi is just not my genre!
DIGGER1 Yolandadiana 15 days ago
Just remember what George Francisco said in the movie "Alien Nation": "We're only human". LOL!
bewest169 15 days ago
The King of sci fi not even listed the Thing from another world 1950's version with your favorite Marshall Matt Dillion as the Thing
jimmyvici 15 days ago
17/20 very cool buckaroo banzai is one of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time. A true cult classic
UnicornPrincess 16 days ago
14/20?? I'm disappointed in myself.
DIGGER1 UnicornPrincess 15 days ago
You're still amazing in my book, UnicornPrincess.
DIGGER1 16 days ago
Are these sci-fi movies from the 1950s or the 1980s?
You got 20 out of 20
Did you stick the landing for this quiz?
cperrynaples 16 days ago
18/20! Missed 12 & 18! The second one confused me because there was a shrinking man in the '50's and a shrinking woman in the '80's!
DavidH 17 days ago
20/20 And I have seen every one of them
BrittReid 17 days ago
17/20. This Island Earth great 50's flick.
max 17 days ago
12/20, "They Live", Rowdy Piper, cool movie. Remember "The Thing"?, Matt Dillon and Snake Plitkin in the 80's remake?
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DIGGER1 texasluva 13 days ago
You know, I'm probably wrong about this theory that I'm just now thinking up, and you can probably call me crazy for even saying it, and that would be 'okey-dokey' with me. But just think for a moment. What if aliens like the ones depicted in the film "THEY LIVE" have been living secretly among us and doing the exact same thing in our reality as was being done in the movie? I mean, that would account for everything that's wrong in the world: the crummy economy, the wars both here in America and overseas, the violence taking place over racial and social injustice, the scare over getting this new virus, etc. What if we're been used as pawns or lab rats or somethings by aliens who have been living among us in human form and are siphoning our resources from this planet and profitting from our suffering and weaknesses.

What do you think about everything that I've just said, 'TEXASLUVA'? Do you think that I'm nuts or what?
texasluva DIGGER1 13 days ago
Maybe we are a dream of a dream. Chinese Aliens ha ha, funny. That little twerp from N.Korea hes one too I betcha. Well you just never know. Humans compared to the Universe are like less then an atom. Do They live here among us? Though us Humans have in the past until this day messed up big time. Did you know that since around 3000 BC there has been about 300 years without wars. That also could mean during those 300 years an Empire has already conjured most everyone. So if it ain't Marvin The Martian, Romulans, Andorians and others then its just us measly Humans that are the problem here on Planet Earth. It sure ain't The Gorn because Captain Kirk sent him packing back to Gornville and they too scared of us now. Maybe it's "Q" screwing with us. As for They, Them or whomever I don't have the right shades to scope them out. I'm sort of %$#! out of luck in detection techniques. Though I am keeping eye on things and if I ever hear anyone behind me say "Hey! You there Human! How bout a light pal" I would probably drop dead in my tracks. You nuts? Naw. Though now I may just have Alien dreams in vivid color ..............
DIGGER1 texasluva 13 days ago
LMAO! Thanks anyways for trying to make me feel better about my theory that we're being "SECRETLY BEING CONTROLLED BY ALIENS". I knew that that idea was a bit far-fetched, and perhaps somewhat "OVER-THE-TOP", idea-wise. Maybe I've been watching SCI-FI movies or T.V. shows in my lifetime, and I've developed a "SUPER-CHARGED" imagination, like the late Gary Coleman's character in his 1984 film, "THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF D.C. COLLINS".

What do you think, T.?
texasluva DIGGER1 13 days ago
Maybe what you have would be called The Walter Mitty Syndrome. He thinks up all kinds of different lives about himself and other places. Sort of a day long or longer Day Dreamer. I have never seen this one with Coleman. Just a few of those "Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" ones. Funny though cuz we all do it to a certain extent. If only, sigh. Maybe you wanted to be "The King of Swat", First "Heart Transplant Surgeon", "Leader of the Rebellion, Rebel Alliance" or maybe even the "Pop Corn Guru" Orville Redenbacher. We all wanted to be somebody different. Well who knows what's around the corner. We used to think the Earth was flat (Ha! Some still do". No idea what was much beyond are on little Solar System. Now.......It's huge....More then a Billion Billionths, forever expanding or never ending. What lies beyond nobody knows......Well for now

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