Can you guess what decade these Vincent Price movies came out?

He started his career in the 1930s and acted for the next six decades!


Vincent Price did not become an icon because he only ever starred in Oscar-winners or because he’s known for a few cult hits. He became an icon because of the ludicrous number of movies he appeared in over his decades-long career.

The tremendously talented actor first introduced himself to audiences in period dramas and noir films then quickly found his place in horror and science fiction. But he also appeared in comedies, Westerns and many classic TV shows.

How well do you know the many films of Vincent Price? See if you can place each of these titles in the right decade!

  1. What decade did one of Price's most famous films come out?
  2. When did this Universal horror sequel come out?
  3. This parody is straight out of the...
  4. What decade is this iconic film from?
  5. When did this fan-favorite come out?
  6. Vincent Price was in this well-known film, but from which decade?
  7. This Tim Burton film is from which decade?
  8. When is this historical drama from?
  9. Henry Fonda also starred in this noir from the...
  10. What decade is this cult horror film from?
  11. This film brought multiple horror icons together in the...
  12. When is this apocalyptic movie from?
  13. Do you know when this film came out?
  14. This Edgar Allan Poe adaptation was released in the...
  15. Price plays a vampire in this anthology movie from the...

Can you guess what decade these Vincent Price movies came out?

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Dajj 26 months ago
12/15 Aghasted at this!!! One of my favorite actors, scary, dramatic, and funny. He was also good on a Columbo episode.
Kergooliewyn 26 months ago
7/15 (sorry Vincent😔 I really do love you.) I considered not even posting this shameful score, but hey, we're all being honest here. Right?🤨
ClassicTVnut 26 months ago
7/15? Yikes! I love Vincent Price, but apparently I don't know diddley squat about when his movies came out!
Stardoc ClassicTVnut 26 months ago
Same here, I love VP as well, but….7/15. Ouch!! LOL
RichLorn 26 months ago
Serves me right for taking the quiz on Friday the 13th.
genie12 26 months ago
Well I was Never a big fan of horror
Moverfan 26 months ago
Can I name the decade? I don't want to talk about it...!
Arturus 26 months ago
We can't forget his most memorable role as egghead on the batman tV show Ha Ha. He was corney funny though.
DethBiz 26 months ago
12 out of 15. Missed 3, 8 and 10. Absolutely love the Monster Club!
JayAnz 26 months ago
I got all 15 right...yea...I'm a big Vincent Price fan of his horror movies...I have 2 autographed stills from Dr. Phibes & The Fly...I also have a autographed self sketch he did for fans
lynngdance JayAnz 26 months ago
You have…an autographed sketch?!? Wow 🤩 😃
lynngdance JayAnz 26 months ago
Could you post a photo of the sketch? I’d love to see it! 😃
dodgebob 26 months ago
5/15, geez, with a score like that, you'd think I'd lie a bit, it is what it is, booya.
lynngdance 26 months ago
12/15!! Fun quiz! 😄 btw, here’s a drawing I did of Vincent Price a while back, it’s not a masterpiece or anything, but I was bored so I drew it. 😄
lynngdance lynngdance 26 months ago

It’s of the character “Mr. Scratch” he plays in the movie “The Story Of Mankind”.

(for reference)
dodgebob lynngdance 26 months ago
My opinion, It's Smithsonian worthy, nice job, what does awhile back mean( how old were you, if that's not to personal?
lynngdance dodgebob 26 months ago
Wow, thank you! 😊 and awhile back means a couple months ago lol. (And if you don’t mind, I won’t say the age thing. The walls have ears you know 👂👂😄) anyways thanks for the compliment! 😁
JeanInTN 26 months ago
10 out of 15 and virtually all were guesses! I think I'd only even heard of two or three of these titles. I'm not a horror movie fan. LOL
ERROL 26 months ago
15/15 LOVE noir films, in horror and science
ironman2000 26 months ago
I got 14 of 15. I had to take a guess on question 10 and it was the wrong one.
Moonpie 26 months ago
15/15. Vincent Price is my all time fav!
Lantern 26 months ago
You left out the mother of all noir films, "Laura".
bnichols23 Lantern 26 months ago
I thought that was "Out of the Past"?
Moverfan bnichols23 26 months ago
I think it's known by both titles...either that or it was remade as Out Of The Past.
bnichols23 Moverfan 26 months ago
If we're talking about Laura, that & OotP are different flicks, Laura starring Dana Andrews & OotP's star being Robert Mitchum. My main thought was that the definitive of all noir flicks was the Mitchum one -- JMOVHO, of course. :)
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