Can you guess what decade these Vincent Price movies came out?

He started his career in the 1930s and acted for the next six decades!

Vincent Price did not become an icon because he only ever starred in Oscar-winners or because he’s known for a few cult hits. He became an icon because of the ludicrous number of movies he appeared in over his decades-long career.

The tremendously talented actor first introduced himself to audiences in period dramas and noir films then quickly found his place in horror and science fiction. But he also appeared in comedies, Westerns and many classic TV shows.

How well do you know the many films of Vincent Price? See if you can place each of these titles in the right decade!

  1. What decade did one of Price's most famous films come out?
  2. When did this Universal horror sequel come out?
  3. This parody is straight out of the...
  4. What decade is this iconic film from?
  5. When did this fan-favorite come out?
  6. Vincent Price was in this well-known film, but from which decade?
  7. This Tim Burton film is from which decade?
  8. When is this historical drama from?
  9. Henry Fonda also starred in this noir from the...
  10. What decade is this cult horror film from?
  11. This film brought multiple horror icons together in the...
  12. When is this apocalyptic movie from?
  13. Do you know when this film came out?
  14. This Edgar Allan Poe adaptation was released in the...
  15. Price plays a vampire in this anthology movie from the...

Can you guess what decade these Vincent Price movies came out?

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mdit21 17 days ago
I have the DVD of "Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine!" It also starred Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman ("Dobie Gillis"). Deanna Lund ("Land Of The Giants") also made an appearance as a bikini clad robot (this film and its sequel must have been the inspiration for the "Austin Powers" franchise). One of the best parts of the motion-picture (besides Vincent Price) are the opening and closing sequences with the title theme performed by the Supremes!

JiggsTheMonk02 21 days ago
13/15,missed Madhouse and House of Long Shadows
purplerose60 27 days ago
8/15. As a big Vincent Price fan, I’m ashamed of myself ☹️
country46 30 days ago
got the same as half the people so I don't feel so bad 5 of 15 like crazy man
teire 1 month ago
Missed this on Friday. Then I missed a lot of answers. 5/15.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
7/15 - didn't know many of these, but I love Vincent Price!
Rattman 1 month ago
I love the quizzes, but I bomb on the oldie-goldies.
Rattman Rattman 1 month ago
Byw... I got 5 outta 15...lmbo
frenchman71 1 month ago
6/15. Totally bombed this. But in no way diminishes my opinion of Vincent Price. One of Hollywood's BEST actors. He can play a rich sophisticate and secretly be a brutal psychopath. I've seen quite a few of his movies. The main reason I bombed this quiz is his career spanned decades, from the 30s to the 80s.. It's hard to pick a favorite film of his. He was great in "House of Wax". But if I had to it would be "The Fly". And don't forget he tried to do away with the Brady Boys on their Hawaii trip. And he was an art connoisseur with a very large collection. A classic actor in the highest sense of the word.
idkwut2use 1 month ago
8/15--yeah, I've established that I'm no good with years/dates/time. Because time is a meaningless construct and also numbers stink because math stinks. ;b
Snickers 1 month ago
Missed 6 of the first 7 and quit. Knew from then on it would have been a lost cause.
Zip Snickers 1 month ago
I did the same thing, but didn't quit and managed to get 4 of them.
I actually wanted to see if I was going to get a total zilch, but I blew it.
Snickers Zip 1 month ago
Finally got up the nerve to try the whole quiz. Got about what I expected 3/15.
JohnBass 1 month ago
13 out of 15 for Vinny. I'm disappointed. My wrong. I hit the wrong button twice.
Jimo 1 month ago
There's a price on my head....I did terrible!7/15
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