Can you fill in the blank to complete these spooky Halloween episode titles?

Can you insert ghosts, ghouls and monsters into the right episode names?

Halloween is one of the most fun times for TV fans. Favorite characters dress up in different costumes, shows that are normally funny or heartwarming turn a little spooky and iconic sets are covered in creepy decorations.

The titles of Halloween — or at least ghastly, ghostly and ghoulish — episodes are also part of the fun.

Here are 12 special spooky episode titles from classic TV. Can you fill in the blank to complete each one?

  1. Can you fill in the blank for this Flintstones episode title?
  2. What's the first word of this creepy Brady Bunch episode name?
  3. What is missing from this Gilligan's Island title?
  4. What animal is this Halloween Star Trek episode named for?
  5. This M*A*S*H episode uses which pun?
  6. What is missing from this Vincent Price Love Boat episode title?
  7. Can you fill in the blank for this spooky episode title of The Lucy Show?
  8. The poltergeist episode of The Waltons dealt with growing up and was called...
  9. What is missing from this My Three Sons episode title?
  10. Buck Rogers had a creepy episode featuring a cosmic version of which monster?
  11. Can you complete this Dick Van Dyke Show episode title?
  12. The Twilight Zone had many unnerving episodes, but this one originally aired right after Halloween. What goes in the blank?

Can you fill in the blank to complete these spooky Halloween episode titles?

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bagandwallyfan52 9 months ago
I like The Ghost of a chance
Episode and The Walnuts episode with Danny Thomas
Episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show.
RichLorn 10 months ago
9/12 the first time. I thought I could do better so,
7/12 the second time.
I guess my short-term memory is getting ... is getting ...
I forgot what I was going to say.
JHP 10 months ago

should really complain but #8 ? (don't watch the show - don't have enough caffeine) Really the changeling? Got it wrong

Am a DS9 fan and well the Walton's and DS9 are light years apart:)
MrBill 10 months ago
6/12; I haven't seen most of those and had to guess a lot.
Margaret 10 months ago
12 out of 12! Wonderful! I got all the episode titles right, including the Love Boat episode "Ship of Ghouls ", which I will be recording tomorrow on my DVR, so I can watch my favorite horror movie actor, Vincent Price, as a guest star.
TSeym22 10 months ago
11/12 Only missed #9, and most of them were just good guesses.
Filmnoirfan 11 months ago
8/12 - guessed on most but The Howling Man is one of favorite TZ episodes. John Carradine was superb
DIGGER1 11 months ago
Can you fill in the blank to complete these spooky Halloween episode titles?
You got 12 out of 12
You did super well on this quiz! Great job!
Kenner 11 months ago
I was so scared I only scored 5/10, plus the fact I didn’t know many of these episodes.
Wendy57 11 months ago
Lots of ghostly guessing on this one.
Zip 11 months ago
10/12. I am surprised by how many of these I knew. Well, some of them I just guessed right. Like the Buck Rogers one. I don't remember that episode but given the kind of show it was, it just seemed like they would have a "space vampire" over the other two options.
richardkel 11 months ago
11/2. Missed #7. I don't remember watching that episode of I love Lucy.
richardkel 11 months ago
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