Can you guess the TV show by the main character's uniform?

Suit up to pass this test on TV's most distinct uniforms.

While classic TV has taught us again and again that it's what's on the inside that counts, it also goes to a lot of trouble to make its characters stand out as much as possible in your memory. In many cases, that means choosing a uniform that stays on the characters back and sticks with viewers upon repeat viewings.

This holds true for detective shows and military series, but it also includes the best sci-fi series and sitcoms, all suiting up their characters to prepare for your enjoyment.

Here, you can take a tour of some of TV's most distinct uniforms and test your memory to recall who wore what on which show. Think you can button up each and every question? Take the quiz below!
  1. Here's an easy one to start. Which military sitcom featured a sergeant who wore this uniform?
  2. The deputy in uniform here was always dealing with his gun misfiring. What show was he from?
  3. These soldiers most often seen in the uniforms below came from what hit show?
  4. Of course, it wasn't just detectives and soldiers in uniform on TV. Recognize this hardworking girl from which sitcom?
  5. There were also plenty of restaurant uniforms seen on classic sitcoms. Which show is this distinct pink uniform from?
    Image: Warner Bros. Television
  6. Here's another uniform that likely stands out to big TV fans. Which show is it from?
  7. We're used to seeing the character who donned this uniform screaming orders at his soldiers. Which show is he from?
  8. This police uniform looks so realistic because the show it belongs in was styled that way, head to toe. Which show was it?
  9. The uniforms from sci-fi series are among the most colorful. Which show featured this uniform?
  10. The uniform below is not this character's usual suit, but if you look at the style, we think fans of this hit show will recognize the star here:
  11. What about this police uniform? A close look should give it away for fans of this show:
  12. Last question. This sci-fi series featured a main character who often wore this jumpsuit:
Can you guess the TV show by the main character's uniform?

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