Can you guess the makes of these famous classic TV cars?

See if you can separate Ferraris from Fords.

The cars that classic TV characters drive become so prominent over a series run, they often feel like characters themselves. Heck, on shows like Knight Rider, they undeniably were.

A lot of thought goes into choosing the right set of wheels for TV's best detectives and sitcom families alike, but it takes an extra layer of paying attention to remember what kind of car you watched cruise around on television shows from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Think you can match some of TV's best-known cars to the correct brand every time? Try not to spin out when you take the quiz below!
  1. The Monkees cruised in the Monkeemobile, which was a modified what?
  2. It may not have always been the same model, but on Dragnet, Joe Friday rolled around in what kind of car?
  3. To investigate crime in Oahu, Magnum P.I.'s detective got around in what kind of car?
  4. In the opening credits of Sanford and Son, what kind of pickup truck was featured?
  5. On The Brady Bunch, Carol drove the kids around in what kind of station wagon?
  6. The A-Team piled into what kind of van?
  7. Known as K.I.T.T., the character of Knight Industries Two Thousand was embodied by what kind of car?
  8. Occasionally other makes would be seen, but mostly on Miami Vice, Sonny drove what kind of car?
  9. On The Rockford Files, Jim Rockford took those famous "J-turns" in what kind of car?
  10. Maxwell Smart gets around on Get Smart in which British model roadster?
  11. Each year, Route 66 got a new car to roadtrip in, but it was always the same make:
  12. Did you know Peter Falk picked out Columbo's car himself? Guess the make:

Can you guess the makes of these famous classic TV cars?

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Hazel 63 months ago
don't think I've ever seen a Route 66 episode
DiscoDave 63 months ago
4 / 12 Not an avid car enthusiast
MichaelSkaggs 63 months ago
I'm looking forward to "Knight Rider" joining the Me-Tv schedule. One car you left out was the 1914 Stutz Bearcat from "Bearcats". It was the Trans-Am of it's time. Also, I'm positive a series of hour shows on classic tv cars on the weekends would be a big ratings hit.
AndrewHass 63 months ago
I was 5/12 but considering that i guessed on most of them i think i did ok.
SheriHeffner 63 months ago
7 out of 12. I guessed on every one.
Stephen 63 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Columbo knew you'd sniff out the right car. Nice job!
teire 63 months ago
Got half right (and half wrong). The only ones I knew for sure were the Sunbeam and the Peugeot. Those are the kinds of cars I liked.
lnieting 63 months ago
12/12--Easy peasy (for me anyhow).
stephaniestavropoulos 63 months ago
12/12! I really like cars. {Specifically retro models.} Just wish I knew what it was like to sit behind the wheel of one. Correction, I have sat behind the wheel, just not when its been in motion. I have a depth perception problem. Remember on the outside mirrors they used to have the disclaimer "Items in the mirror may appear closer than they really are?" {Or something like that.} Well, that's how my eyes operate. I cannot judge the distance between them. Doctors have warned me never to drive, so I have heeded their warning. But that doesn't stop me from liking cars. Corvettes are my favorite! {Any year, but specifically the 1961, {year of my birth,} models and the the 1963 Split. By Split I am referring to the rear window. That was the only year they were manufactured. I've gotten to touch them, and be near them, just never had the chance to sit in one. With the way my knees are now, I know I couldn't. But I still love them!!
Oh, yeah, the '61. A friend of my (ex) husband has one--he brought it over a few years ago to show us! BEAUTIFUL!
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