Can you guess the classic TV show from just the dinner table?

Careful, this quiz might be “con-fooding.”


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dinner table is an important ventricle. It’s where families connect and check in with one another. Just like in real life, the dinner table is an important part of many TV homes, too.

Whether it’s a large family all talking over each other or just a couple enjoying a quiet night in, meals and the tables they are eaten off of appear in all kinds of classic television.

We’ve collected twelve tables from twelve different shows. Can you correctly name which show each table belongs to?

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  1. What show is this colorful kitchen table from?
  2. What show is this futuristic table from?
  3. What show is this table from?
  4. The table for this series had a “Lazy Susan” in the middle of it.
  5. What show does this table belong to?
  6. Which mess hall is this table from?
  7. This table is from what show?
  8. What show had many memorable scenes sitting around this table?
  9. Which classic sci fi show used this table?
  10. What show does this table appear on?
  11. This was dubbed “the fancy eatin’ table” on what show?
  12. What animated show is this table from?

Can you guess the classic TV show from just the dinner table?

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Snickers 35 months ago
9 out of 12. One of the tougher ones.
Laura 51 months ago
8-12 not bad since I didn't pay much attention to the dinner tables
TheDavBow3 52 months ago
7/12 for me. Need to brush up on my furniture 😉
Dario 52 months ago
10 out of 12. Not bad! 😁😁😁😁😁
detroitlady54 52 months ago
You got 12 out of 12
Great job! You deserve a yummy space cube. I loved the dinner scenes.
ForeverHappyDays 52 months ago
Also, there's a ad for The Waltons on this page and now I seem ridiculous for missing the fact that the girl in the corner has the same hair as the girl sitting at the table. Of course, that's given the fact that I wasn't paying attention to that ad until I saw it sometime after the quiz.
ForeverHappyDays 52 months ago
9/12 I mixed up I love Lucy with the Honeymooners, The Waltons with Little House on the Prairie because it looked like a prairie styled table, and Star Trek with Buck Rodgers as a guess. I should've known better on that one, of course it had to be Star Trek!
Snickers ForeverHappyDays 35 months ago
If you look closely you can see the star fleet uniforms in the picture.
Mike 52 months ago
12 for 12 but some were lucky guesses
lisaiggy 52 months ago
I got nine out of twelve on this one. Going a long way back
OriginalGreaser 52 months ago
Missed number two, didn’t watch much sci-fi. The only one I liked was Flash Gordon, anybody remember that show with Flash’s enemy Ming the Merciless?
I saw in yesterdays paper where Max Von Sydow, who played Ming The Merciless in the 1980 movie Flash Gordon passed away this month. He made dozens of movies and I think h was born in Norway.
Lacey 52 months ago
10/12 Amazing how many I could recognize.
RichardBanner 52 months ago
It's funny the insignificant thing one remembers; the only reason I was correct on No. 5 is that I clearly remember Wally and Beaver drinking their milk from those goblets..I always thought that was so 'fancy'!
DocSolar RichardBanner 52 months ago
That was how I knew #5. From the glasses of milk
JewelsChuck 52 months ago
It’s all in the wording here and some choices are not shown on this channel. 😀
leebillyold 52 months ago
#12 is a hint of Lodge hat, I think 12/12, ax has string holding up
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