Can you spot the one thing wrong in these '80s action show intros?

Do you have the steely eyes of a hawk?


All the cool action heroes of the 1980s wore sunglasses. As uncool as it be, we suggest taking them off to pass this quiz. You're going to need the eyes of a hawk.

The following ten scenes from the opening credits of exciting Eighties action shows. We changed one little thing in each image. See if you can spot what's wrong!

  1. Here is Shatner in action as T.J. Hooker! What's wrong here?
  2. MacGyver can build anything — but could he spot what's wrong here?
  3. Looks like William Katt is having a hard time. What is wrong here with The Greatest American Hero?
  4. What is wrong in his Miami Vice image?
     Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  5. What is wrong here with this Hardcastle & McCormack title screen?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  6. How about this still from the Hunter opening credits?
     Image: Sony Pictures Television
  7. Take a leap and find something wrong here in The Fall Guy.
  8. But your best "Face" forward and find the thing wrong here on The A-Team.
     Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  9. What is wrong in the KITT interior from this shot in the Knight Rider intro?
     Image: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
  10. Finally, finishing on a high note and find something wrong in the Airwolf credits.
     Image: Universal Television

Can you spot the one thing wrong in these '80s action show intros?

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JERRY6 10 months ago
8 of 10 not bad missed the rolls and pontiac emblem on Kitt
mikeone 38 months ago
In the 80's action show quiz,the question asks, "But your best face forward..."
It should be "put your best face forward".
I noticed that! Lol
ta33ers 49 months ago
Looks like 1 "L" to me.
BrentwoodJon 49 months ago
All TRICK questions 10mins of my life I'll never get back
GregLemieux 49 months ago
I'm calling BS on #4. I have a still from the real theme and in it, Philip's name is spelled with one "P" which is the correct way to spell his name. And the Rolls Royce has a hood ornament, unlike the photo here. Their correct answer should be "The Rolls Royce is missing its hood ornament."
diskobean GregLemieux 43 months ago
💯% agreed. I had an old, rich relative who owned a few Rolls Royce's, and I swear they all had hood ornaments. That was like 30 years ago, but I still remember the day I got to see all of his cars up close and got to sit in them. And all of his RR had the crystal vase's on the interior of both sides of the car, in-between the front and back seats 😎👍
WGH diskobean 31 months ago
People would also steal the hood ornaments.

It was common to see cars like that without the hood ornaments in the 80s.
JERRY6 GregLemieux 10 months ago
Right my mom had a Corniche it had the hood ornament they got it wrong again
djw1120 49 months ago
The hood ornament (the "Flying Lady") was missing from the Rolls Royce too.
KellyShort djw1120 49 months ago
No on that Rolls the hood ornament goes down into the hood when parked to stop people from breaking them off
diskobean KellyShort 43 months ago
Ahh, thanks for the reminder!!! I totally forgot about that. Like I said above, an old, rich relative of mine owned at least 3x Rolls Royce's and I KNEW that they indeed had hood ornaments 😎👍✌️🙏
JERRY6 KellyShort 10 months ago
not in the 80ś and 90ś i now my mother had a few
Ejcsr924 49 months ago
There's only one L in Philip. Should have been correct, I think. LOl
TexasGreek 49 months ago
Are you kiddin'?! I haven't watched some of these shows SINCE the 80's! Strangely, I remember the women from the shows... not a pontiac symbol or Mercedes hood ornament. I was in my twenty somethings then! :)
You got 6 out of 10
Looks like this struggle took you by surprise. Better luck next time!
KellyShort TexasGreek 49 months ago
Rollses not Mercedes
CelticTwilight 49 months ago
There is only one L in Philip for Philip Michael Thomas!
MaryAnn CelticTwilight 49 months ago
Thank you, Celtic! That is one that I missed, wrongfully so. The other four I missed were just plain wrong.
Craigg 49 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You spun right through that with ease! Nice work!
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