Can you guess the classic TV character's first job?

Here's proof that some TV characters would do just about anything for a quick buck!

Sweaty palms, itchy uniforms, little hatswe've all experienced that special rite of passage: the first day on a new job. Well, the same goes for some of your favorite characters on TV!

Here, we've got a pool of hard workers you saw labor away on classic TV. From Marcia's first job on The Brady Bunch to Mrs. C's first foray into the working world on Happy Days, these characters punched clocks in jobs they held for just one episode.

Think you can remember each and every shift? Take the quiz below and see if these jobs stuck with you longer than the characters who briefly worked them. Good luck!

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  1. On 'Happy Days,' Mrs. C senses that she isn't needed around the house as much, so she gets a job where?
  2. What was Marcia's job that caused a struggle to juggle part-time work with her social commitments on 'The Brady Bunch'?
  3. On 'ALF,' Lynn wants a car so badly that she gets a job to pay for it. What was the name of the fast food joint where she worked?
  4. Opie is super upset when he doesn't get hired working in which Mayberry establishment?
  5. Pugsley shames 'The Addams Family,' which historically has never worked, by wanting to get a job. Which of these places did he NOT try to get hired to work?
     Image: MGM Television
  6. Wally lands a weekend job that ends up being pretty sweet on 'Leave It to Beaver.' Remember where he worked?
  7. On 'Diff'rent Strokes,' Willis wants disco skates so much that he decides to get his hands a little dirty doing a job to buy them. Where does he work for exactly one day?
  8. It's a school project that gets Bud hired in this very unusual first job on 'Father Knows Best':
  9. This is the look on Peter Brady's boss' face when Peter's first day on the job doesn't go so great. Where did the Brady kid work?
  10. Mrs. C isn't the only one who knows how to get hired. Richie lands a gig at which newspaper?

Can you guess the classic TV character's first job?

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Mukusthebadd1 51 months ago
Umm, Opie wasn't upset! Someone else needed money, so he let that kid get the job!!
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