Can you guess the '80s sitcom from a single character name?

From ALF to Urkel, Eighties sitcoms gave us some pretty quirky characters β€” and quirky character names. A sitcom wasn't complete without some unique character name. In what other decades could you ever find a Tootie and a Punky?

For those who grew up feasting on '80s comedies, these names stick in the brain like the Big Red gum jingle. Let's see if you can match them to the correct television show.

We'll give you a single name. You pick the appropriate sitcom. Good luck!
  1. Which sitcom featured a neighbor named Iola?
  2. Where could you watch a Simka in the early '80s?
  3. How about a Balki?
  4. His name was Rerun and he was in reruns.
  5. This show featured a memorable cousin named Geri.
  6. On which hit sitcom did a main character date a man named Robin?
  7. Do you remember a man named Bull?
  8. Which show had a friend named Skippy?
  9. Which show had a friend named Cockroach?
  10. Which show had a friend named Dudley?
  11. Which show had double the Darryl?
  12. Which family sitcom had a guy named "Boner" Stabone?
  13. This sitcom had a nephew named Alfonso.
  14. Where could you watch a major character named Whitley?
  15. This classroom sitcom featured a nerd named Arvid.
  16. Finally, this long-running sitcom added a character named Flip in its 10th season.
Can you guess the '80s sitcom from a single character name?

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CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
7 of 16. I never was much of a sitcom watcher.
EllisClevenger 1 month ago
You got 16 out of 16
When it comes to '80s trivia, you rock like ALF playing hair metal!
MrBill 1 month ago
15/16; missed #14 - I've never watched "A Different World"
TomTerrrific 1 month ago
9/16 -- I could have just tossed darts at the questions and done better than that! Of course I didn't watch a lot of these shows.
DarioWiter 1 month ago
15 of 16; missed #14. ☺️
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
11/16 Have never seen half the shows.
Well, you can always brush up on watching them on YouTube(that is, if they are uploaded!) πŸ˜‰
teire 1 month ago
Missed three, not bad considering I wasn’t watching a lot of these shows at the time.
DarioWiter teire 1 month ago
πŸ‘ ☺️
TubeBoob 1 month ago
15/16, I missed the last one.
DarioWiter TubeBoob 1 month ago
One has to be a major Happy Days fan to get that question right.
Jeffrey 1 month ago
I got 14/16 Got #8 & #16 wrong.
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