Can you guess the '80s movie by the soundtrack?

Try to stay out of the ''Danger Zone!''

The only thing better than movies in the 1980s were the soundtracks. It was such a great decade for music, with hits ranging across all genres, so it would only make sense that these tracks would make an impact on movies as well.

How well do you remember these soundtracks, though? We'll give you three songs that appeared in a film, and you have to guess which movie it was. We didn't include title tracks, though — that'd be too easy!
  1. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  2. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  3. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  4. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  5. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  6. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  7. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  8. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  9. Which '80s movie featured these songs?
  10. Which '80s movie featured these songs?

Can you guess the '80s movie by the soundtrack?

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Antenna2 8 months ago
Wow, 1 of 10 and I didn't even like that film. Guess back in the '80s I was mostly riding my bicycle, but seriously those films were not my style. I like rural themes and why The Horse Whisperer and The Straight Story soundtracks are my favorites - a far cry from Top Gun, etc., though I do like music from Dire Straits, Bryan Adams, etc.
Tresix 68 months ago
10/10. The only one I actually had was "Flash Gordon". Wasn't sure about the "Pretty in Pink" songs.
kilimanjaro 68 months ago
I prefer this:
Lillyrose 68 months ago
4 out of 10. I didn't see a lot of the movies listed.
I thought that "If You Leave" was in "The Breakfast Club," so I guessed "St. Elmo's Fire." I had forgotten that that song was in "Pretty in Pink." I don't remember the name of the song at the end of "The Breakfast Club." But it was a great song.
Dawn 69 months ago
7/10, didn't know the music for #1,3,6
Barry22 69 months ago
7/10, this was a tough quiz! A girl I work with became a Grandma (again) with the birth of her second grandson. The parents are big fans of Top Gun and named the baby Maverick. Hopefully they will name their third child Goose.
RobCertSDSCascap Barry22 68 months ago
Thank goodness! THIS was the first thing in my mind.
MrsPhilHarris 69 months ago
5/10 I have not seen a lot of those movies.
CatMomWanda 69 months ago
Well, that was not great. 6/10. The '80s was not my favorite music era. I just didn't remember a lot of these.
ETristanBooth CatMomWanda 68 months ago
I didn't even bother to take the quiz because I haven't seen the vast majority of these. The only one I knew for sure was Labyrinth (which I went to see because Bowie was in it). For me, the 80s were the Pet Shop Boys and the Police.
stephaniestavropoulos 69 months ago
YAY! 6/10! {I missed #'s 9, 6, 5, 2.} I got the dancing groundhog! Can anyone tell me, if that dancing groundhog is from Caddy Sack, or Groundhog's Day? Thanks!
A few I knew, others I went with trying to match the song titles with movies. {Which songs I felt would "logically" fit the movie. That was hit "n' miss.} I knew Queen had done the soundtrack for a superhero movie. I like Queen, don't like superheroes so I really didn't want to miss this one! Hey METV! How about this same quiz only with songs from 1960's/1970's movies? It's nearing Halloween, how about one based on spooky movies?
That should read CADDY SHACK!
It was Caddy Shack. I think it was a gopher😸.

I think I would have done better on those years also.

I watch a lot of older horror movies. I hope they do have some quizzes for Halloween.
First of all, Caddyshack is one word, not two. Secondly, Caddysack is actually a funnier title. Thirdly, Groundhog day is a '90's movie. Finally, Queen's movie was Flash Gordon [Go Flash Go!].
AndrewHass 69 months ago
I was 10/10 but i guessed on most of them.
debbi 69 months ago
Guessed every one, never saw even one of the flicks, got them all right!
Going now to buy a lottery ticket! 😎🤗🏖️
richardkel 69 months ago
10/10. Never saw some of these movies, but recognized the songs from the sound track. Sid and Nancy? Never even heard of it. That one was totally a guess.
CatMomWanda richardkel 69 months ago
Movie about Sid Vicious, his girlfriend Nancy and the band The Sex Pistols.
cperrynaples CatMomWanda 69 months ago
Maybe Gary Oldman's best performance, although I will confess I haven't seen him as Churchill!
ETristanBooth cperrynaples 68 months ago
He's great as Churchill. I remember him from Prick Up Your Ears a very long time ago.
RobCertSDSCascap 69 months ago
10/10- Another Derek for my collection!
So many great soundtrack tracks in the 80s.
Bret 69 months ago
10/10 Every single one was a guess.
MikeG Bret 69 months ago
Ha! Same here. Can't believe I didn't actually know any of these.
MrBill 69 months ago
10/10; fun and entertaining quiz.
harlow1313 69 months ago
I was excited to see "Sid and Nancy" referenced. I may have a loose screw.
Pegs harlow1313 69 months ago
I was surprised. I never saw the movie, but I read the book Nancy's mother wrote (And I Don't Want To Live This Life). I remember all the Nauseating Nancy jokes, too. And we thought the 70s were our reward for surviving the 60s. :-p
harlow1313 Pegs 69 months ago
I read the book as well. My copy had a tawdry black and white sensationalized crime cover to it. I remember liking the book, though it was sad. Even slight and dubious fame can have a powerful impact on a person. If you are interested in the subject, the movie is quite good, though Rotten has been dismissive.
CatMomWanda harlow1313 69 months ago
Things can go off the rails, fast.
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