Can you pick the top-rated shows of 1968?

Gunsmoke vs. Bonanza. My Three Sons vs. Mayberry R.F.D.

Exactly 50 years ago, TV fans had growing options when channel surfing and Nielsen's top TV shows started showing even more variety than Carol Burnett knew how to pack onto one stage.

Here, we take a look at the top-rated shows from 1968 overall, then we break it down by genre, so we can see if you can name the top sitcom, drama, variety show, Western and more. 

Only the biggest fans of '60s TV can score 7 or more. Good luck!
  1. Which show was the top-rated sitcom in 1968?
  2. Which debut show in 1968 was more popular?
  3. Which show was the top-rated Western in 1968?
  4. Which show was the top-rated variety program in 1968?
  5. Whose show was more popular in 1968?
  6. Which show was the top-rated drama in 1968?
  7. Which show was the top-rated family sitcom in 1968?
  8. Which long-running show was in Nielsen's top 10 in 1968?
Can you pick the top-rated shows of 1968?

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LeeHarper 26 days ago
You got 2 out of 8
Missed a few, but don't feel bad. It was a totally different time for TV fans.

Boy...did I suck.
RedSamRackham 27 days ago
* There was no internet, VCRs or cable in 1968 so we watched what was on prime time network TV. We WERE Marshall McLuhan's global village back then. Today we may look at syndicated reruns of some of those programs and wonder "OMG did I actually go out of my way to watch that?" But they were fun to watch brain candy. ☺
Jayme 27 days ago
7 of 8... and I guessed... I was in the womb for most of it.
anthony 7 months ago
3/10.Seemed like I was doing better.Not bad though as I can see compared to others.
Barry22 7 months ago
6/8, Gomer Pyle had higher ratings than The Hillbillies?
Jayme Barry22 27 days ago
Yes. Still would rather watch Gomer reruns.
RedSamRackham Jayme 27 days ago
Beverly Hillbillies was fun to watch but jumped the shark with those Shorty Kellums episodes. ☺
AndrewHass 7 months ago
I was 4/8 which is still 50%,
daprjake AndrewHass 7 months ago
Same here.....guess was not watching much TV, since had drivers license and was too busy for TV watching.
debbi 7 months ago
Got 0 out of 8.
Oh well, I guess I was too busy graduating from high school! 😎🤗🏖️
ndebrabant 7 months ago
You got 3 out of 8
Missed a few, but don't feel bad. It was a totally different time for TV fans. I only picked what I watched. But then I usually watched the ones that always got cancelled.
Lacey 7 months ago
Ouch, 4 out of 8.
Interesting how popular Mayberry R.F.D. was, but it is not in syndication today.
Jeffrey 7 months ago
I got 1 out of 8. Only got the last one right. Terrible for me.
nerakr 7 months ago
3/8. Not bad considering they were all guesses. I wasn't quite 2 years old in 1968.
CatMomWanda 7 months ago
3/8. I don't know what the top rated shows are currently. I just picked what I thought I would watch.
THOMASTERRYJR 7 months ago
I was just a kid in 1968. It was a hellish year. But all of my favorite memories in sports, current events, rock and soul music, movies and television happened during this particular year. I amaze myself on how I remember so many things from this particular year.
Jeffrey THOMASTERRYJR 7 months ago
I don't know about you THOMASTERRYJR, But I was 14 in 1968. How old or young were you?
Barry22 THOMASTERRYJR 7 months ago
That was a hell of a year. I was only ten, but I do remember 1968 pretty well.
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