Can you find the one Yosemite Sam look that is NOT real?

He faced off against Bugs in all kinds of different situations.


Yosemite Sam is one of the most versatile Looney Tunes characters. While the other characters' looks never changed much from short to short, Sam switched out his normal cowboy clothes for all kinds of different getups.

We put together a variety of looks that Yosemite Sam appeared in, including one that’s fake! Can you spot the one outfit that is not real?

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  1. Which of these versions of Yosemite Sam is NOT real?

Can you find the one Yosemite Sam look that is NOT real?

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Mark 13 months ago
It took eight tries, but I found it!
NORMAN63 39 months ago
YS never had a rifle. He always carried a pistol.
raibreth 40 months ago
The other 'Sams' had bright red facial hair and the fake had a dark shade of I made it my guess.
Pyper63 40 months ago
I wasn’t completely confident, but I got it right!
gn321324 40 months ago
It took me 8 times, I think😊
rasdennis 40 months ago
It took me three tries to get it right
dmzabooo 40 months ago
Embarrassing........5th. Try
Hollygraphics1 DMZABO 40 months ago
I am 55 years old and have seen them all. To be fair, I do not recall Yosemite Sam ever wearing lime green or overweight as in the second one. I do remember (the one that is NOT real), the image in blue, he did wear a blue captain's suit in an episode where he and bugs had a cannonball fight. This was pretty tricky...and wonder which episode Yosemite Sam wore lime green. That was my second pick and was wrong too. Then again, I am 55 years old and still could peg 6 out of 9. I was embarrassed too. LOL! Don't feel bad. I could win at that 70's show trivia game!
stufish2017 40 months ago
Got it First try ...yaahoo...Yosemite Sam was one of my fav's
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