We can guess your age based on your ideal TV family

Pick your favorite TV relatives and we’ll guess your age!


Have you ever watched a TV show and seen a character that is exactly like a member of your own family? Or maybe you wished a favorite character was your relative in real life?

We’ve collected our favorite television family members from parents and grandparents to brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles.

Choose which family member you like best and we'll guess how old you are!

  1. Who would you want as your TV mom?
  2. Who is the best TV dad?
  3. Which TV older brother do you like the best?
  4. Who would you want as your little TV sister?
  5. Which TV grandma would you want in your family?
  6. Who is your favorite TV grandpa?
  7. Who is your ideal TV aunt?
  8. Who is the best TV uncle?

We can guess your age based on your ideal TV family

Your Result...

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wakalope 7 days ago
Why was Aunt Harriet from Batman not on the list? I would have chosen that.
Prudu2017 2 months ago
Close, but not there yet. 😆
But, I picked an awesome TV family!! A blend of 50s, 60s, and 70s members!
tbrian 2 months ago
You are 43! You've got a totally tubular '80s TV family.

Off by 9 years.
Nightshade1972 2 months ago
"You are 43!" Not so much--I'm 52. :-)
Abbadon517 26 months ago
Lolol you guessed my age at 26 and my real age is
60 yrs old. Nice try
annabelgoddard 30 months ago
I got 64, and I'm 11, I feel like I'm the only person under 15 who is watching MeTV. But I love it and I am not going to stop!
Ravenstorm 37 months ago
Well, WRONG. guess was 64. I'm 57. Not far off, I like older shows. They the best
tailings 37 months ago
Horribly, horribly wrong; off by 17 years. Were you really assuming I'd pick shows all from the same decade? I picked honestly and that resulted in pics across the decades. Oh well.
Abbadon517 tailings 26 months ago
Uea me to they said I was 26 I'm 60
Zombie 37 months ago
You were 3 years too short! I'm 60 years old.
Whitechapel 37 months ago
Predicted my age at 64, I'm actually 45☹️
DK 38 months ago
72! I am not even close to that old!
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