Can you find the Looney Tunes character who only appeared once?

This beloved character made quite the impression in just one cartoon.


Images: Warner Bros.

While most popular Looney Tunes characters like Bugs and Daffy gained their iconic status after appearing in dozens of cartoons, some became household names after only a few outings. One immediately recognizable character actually only appeared in one original short.

Try to find which character below only appeared in one Golden Age cartoon. Keep searching until you find the right answer!

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  1. Which Looney Tunes character only appeared in one original theatrical cartoon?

Can you find the Looney Tunes character who only appeared once?

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Marine1979looneytunes 40 months ago
Hit that one with that frog he humiliated me several times not singing when he should have! I tossedhim back into the corner stone of a new building! Sick of him!! 😆😂
GregLemieux 40 months ago
I got it right on the first try, also.
s4tno 40 months ago
What about Pete Puma?
Wasnt given that one as a choice!
* Neither was Minah Bird! ~
TheOnlyONE 40 months ago
Michigan J. The original 1 hit wonder.
Jeffrey 40 months ago
''You picked Michigan J. Frog! Correct!'' ....... Yeah after picking almost everyone else.
Lynn579 Jeffrey 40 months ago
Me too, in fact that was the very last one I picked.
DouglasMorris 40 months ago
I picked: Michigan J. Frog! Correct.
kimmer 40 months ago
I love the vintage cartoons.....
Lynn579 kimmer 40 months ago
Yes it was tough.
kevopilis 40 months ago
These cartoons introduced a generation to classical music, and old timey songs.
It's a ray of sunshine for us that grew up in the good old days.
FOXXYGMA01 kevopilis 40 months ago
Yes, you are absolutely correct.
kevopilis 40 months ago
I just hope the METV does not give into cancel culture and join the hordes with
spray paint and ropes that have taken over Portland..Oregon.
I missed the question, I thought it was the yellow cat, although I suspected it was the frog, which
I got on try#2. I actually have been getting up earlier than normal just to watch at 7 am during the week,
and 8 am on Saturdays. Give in and a lot of us are going to sleep in. Long live stereotypes!
Epsdel 40 months ago
I'm pretty sure about the same time he became the mascot for the WB he got a second cartoon, somthing like "Another Froggy Evening"
scarlyt 40 months ago
Although Michigan J. Frog only had one Looney Tune Cartoon of his own he makes an appearance on a Animaniacs' Button and Mindy cartoon in October of 1995 for a Halloween speacial.
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