Can you find the ONE word that is not in the Flintstones theme song?

You can sing the song… but do you remember every lyric?

It's one of the greatest theme songs in television history — certainly one of the catchiest. Fair warning: It's about to be stuck in your head for hours. 

Perhaps what's most surprising about "Meet the Flintstones" is how long it took to come along. The song is forever associated with the cartoon series, but it was not used until the third season. Before then, an instrumental called "Rise and Shine" was used. We bet you recognize that melody, too.

As soon as "Meet the Flintstones" was introduced, it became an immediate hit. You've heard it countless times over the years.

So let's see how well you remember the lyrics! We're talking about the entire song — including the second verse used in the closing credits!

Try to find the one word that does NOT appear in "Meet the Flintstones!" If you find the Gruesomes, you are singing the wrong tune! Keep clicking until you find the right answer!

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  1. Find the ONE word that is NOT in the lyrics for "Meet the Flintstones"!

Can you find the ONE word that is not in the Flintstones theme song?

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EdCaf 8 days ago
Wait a the end of the song doesn't Fred pound on the door and yell "Wilma"? Or is that the closing credits?
QazWiz EdCaf 7 days ago
was my stumbling block too but thinking about it, that's the end credits after he's locked out by the cat.
thedude1500 8 days ago
All I had to do was sing the song in my head
cperrynaples 9 days ago
I was thinking about whether they could do this quiz for the Jetson theme, but it wouldn't be that hard because there are only 11 words, one of which ["his"] is repeated!
I'll prove how easy it is! Pick the wrong word from this list: boy dog daughter Elroy George his Jane Jetson Judy meet wife
csaaphill 9 days ago
about three tries lol. finally got Wilma is not in the theme song.
Lillyrose 10 days ago
I got the correct answer “Wilma,” on the eleventh try.
Tampammm 10 days ago
I consider Fred's refrain of "Wilma" to be part of the theme song. So I don't accept the answer.
cperrynaples 11 days ago
Isn't it interesting that the one word in the song they didn't include was "gay"? Did Mike Pence put this quiz together...LOL!!
EdCaf cperrynaples 8 days ago
Oh come one...can you pleas give it a break.
Allison 12 days ago
took me many, many, too many tries to get it lol
SheriHeffner 12 days ago
I got it right the first time.
Me too, but I had to think about it.
Rockola 12 days ago
The big trivia quiz answered my question.
Rockola 12 days ago
Does METV not have the rights to play the theme song? The show is missing the theme song.
cperrynaples Rockola 12 days ago
They play the theme in commercials! The reason you're not hearing it in the episodes is that it was added in season 3! They'll get to those shows eventually, but why not enjoy the original theme?
Runeshaper 13 days ago
That is tricky! Interestingly enough, I still consider this "word" to be a part of the song, but I can see how it might not be :)
cperrynaples 13 days ago
A good one, and this time you added the closing verse [Someday maybe Fred will win the fight]!!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 13 days ago
Way to go MeTV Millennials. Can't you get ANYTHING right? At the end of the closing theme song, after Fred is locked out, he pounds on the door and yells "WILMA!" I remembered it, but here's a link to a lyrics page proving it:

So what's suppose to be the correct answer. I went to a lyrics page, and EVERY ONE OF THESE WORDS is in either the opening or closing theme song.
Yes. Though Fred yells Wilma's name, it is not part of the song. It was just an add on to the ending credits.
Yep, that's when the saber tooth tiger throws out Fred! It's the counterpoint to George Jetson's "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" Speaking of which, how many of you want to see The Jetsons?
teire JDnHuntsvilleAL 13 days ago
Haven’t seen millennial bashing on this site in a while. I don’t miss it.
Moody cperrynaples 11 days ago
I'd love to see the The Jetsons! The original version not the one that came out later with Orbity. Didn't like those as much.
That would be great. Flinstones @ 6 and The Jetsons # 6:30.....
DouglasMorris 13 days ago
I picked the correct answer! got it on the second try.
MrsPhilHarris 13 days ago
I considered that a bit of a trick question because I guess Wilma! Is only at the end of the closing.
Mytv 13 days ago
WiiiiiiiiiiilMA! Yes it is at the end
djw1120 Mytv 13 days ago
You're right. Fred is screaming for Wilma to come to the door and let him in the house after the cat jumps in the window and locks him out.
Wilma is the very last word in the closing song.
teire Mytv 13 days ago
It is not in the lyrics, which is how the question is worded, it is simply yelled when the song has ended.
JDnHuntsvilleAL teire 13 days ago
Well it's in the lyrics on the lyric page I posted above, so I, and everybody else who is NOT a Millennial say it IS in the lyrics.
bigjimbroni Mytv 13 days ago
If such was the case, it would also be there in the opening when Fred says Yabba-Dabba-do after the whistle blows during the intro to the song. Wilma is NOT mentioned!!
teire JDnHuntsvilleAL 13 days ago
I’m flattered that you think I am as young as a millennial. My daughter counts as one tho.
Moody JDnHuntsvilleAL 11 days ago
You think it's possible the lyrics page is wrong? It is not part of the song, it's part of the closing credits.
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