Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Star Trek: The Original Series?

A strange being has appeared in Federation space!

We need your help, Trekkie! A human from another universe has wandered into the Federation.

That's right, one of these characters belong on another television show. Can you sniff out the ONE character that did not appear on Star Trek? Think logically!

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  1. Find the ONE character who is not from 'Star Trek: The Original Series!'

Can you find the ONE character who does not belong on Star Trek: The Original Series?

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sandman 1 month ago
Dr. Adam Bricker! Get out Dr. McCoy’s sickbay you fraud!
TexasGreek 4 months ago
You picked the intruder!
Dr. Adam Bricker is better known as just "Doc" on The Love Boat! Wrong vessel!
Grebnedlog 9 months ago
We are smart. You think we're stupid, but we're smart.
djw1120 13 months ago
As a long time "Star Trek" fan, of course I got it right.
Although, I thought there would be more than just the one question.
Geronimo 17 months ago
Anyone who missed that quiz is a real dumbo!
thedude1500 17 months ago
Sings: "The Love Starship, soon will be sailing another planet...."
Barry22 17 months ago
Yeah, Dr. Bricker giving Capt. Kirk a run for his money and leering at and hitting on all the girls in the galaxy.
MrsPhilHarris Barry22 17 months ago
You got that right!
rhv3 17 months ago
yay! thanks google lol....he was the only one i googled does that count?
djw1120 rhv3 13 months ago
No, that does not count.
It's cheating.
The question is do YOU know it or not.
Not can you "Google" it to see the correct answer.
anthony 17 months ago
I knew it had to be Dr Adam Bricker because the name sounded familar to me and I never watched the show.
TVFF 17 months ago
Adam Bricker, you can run but you cannot hide.
AndrewHass 17 months ago
I got it right when picked Bricker.
teire 17 months ago
Got it. Knew the name sounded not Star Trek-ish, but could not place the character (and I should have been able to!)
harlow1313 17 months ago
The silhouette looks like Bob Dylan. I would love to hear Bob's rendition of "Bitter Dregs."
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