Can you detect the lies in this Columbo true or false quiz?

"Just the facts."

This is the part of the quiz where we usually give you a little background information about the show. Well, we're not going to do that this time. 

For starters, everyone knows Columbo. Secondly, we don't want to give anything away! We want to see if you can separate the truth from lies as well as Columbo. 

Try to sort out "just the facts" from these statements about the classic detective series.
  1. Columbo's favorite food is chili.
  2. Steven Spielberg directed the first episode of 'Columbo.'
  3. Peter Falk was the first actor to play the Columbo character.
  4. Bing Crosby turned down the role of Columbo.
  5. Columbo drives around an old Fiat automobile.
  6. Columbo's rank is "sergeant."
  7. Columbo had a trusty bulldog who was simply named "Dog."
  8. 'Columbo' aired for 35 years.
  9. Columbo lets someone get away with murder one time.
  10. The character of Mrs. Columbo can be seen in two episodes of 'Columbo.'
  11. Peter Falk's actual wife, Shera Danese, appeared in six episodes of 'Columbo.'
  12. Columbo often whistles the tune "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."
  13. There is a bronze statue of Columbo in Budapest, Hungary.
  14. Columbo was a Navy veteran who served in World War II.

Can you detect the lies in this Columbo true or false quiz?

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BorisK 17 months ago
13/14 .... forgot his military service
Debbie 24 months ago
14/14 Columbo is my favorite tv detective!
EllisClevenger 41 months ago
You got 11 out of 14
Your keen TV detective skills have cracked the case! Nice work.
Missed #5, #8, and #14
Dizzydude 48 months ago
Ah just one more thing I missed 2
SusanWilkinson 50 months ago
Argh, missed 3, don’t know cars, went too fast on the dog.
EllisClevenger 63 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
Your keen TV detective skills have cracked the case! Nice work.
TomTerrrific 64 months ago
12/14 -- I KNEW that "Dog" was a basset hound and not a bulldog, but I breezed through the question too fast. But I did not know that Peter Falk was an Army man.
mikebuzard 64 months ago
There are so many episodes of Colombo but we seem to only see the same ones over and over in the Northwest. Could you start the series from the beginning and go through the episodes in order?

FrankCollins 64 months ago
The first episode of Peter Falk as Columbo was in 1968 with Gene Barry as the murderer, and was called Prescription: Murder. You recognize this episode as the first Columbo episode when you say it was on for 35 years. However, if this was recognized as the first episode, it was not directed by Spielberg, although your quiz says that Spielberg directed the first episode. The first episode titled "Columbo" first appeared on TV a few years later, and was directed by Spielberg. By the way, although the character of Columbo always said he was Italian, Peter Falk was not Italian. His four grandparents were born in Poland, Poland, Hungary, and Russia. They were also all Jewish.
daDoctah 64 months ago
Only 9 out of 14. Maybe I should have uncovered my other eye.
Yvette daDoctah 64 months ago
Don't feel bad daDoctah - I only got 10/14 which seems to be the norm for this quiz with ppl getting a few wrong. We all thought we knew a lot more about Columbo. Also a couple of the q's were tricky too
MaryHelen 64 months ago
Columbo let someone get away with murder more than once. It did NOT air for 35 years, really??
RedSamRackham MaryHelen 64 months ago
In the Janet Leigh episode Columbo learned the lady was terminally ill with little time left to live so he did not make the arrest. What was the other time? ☺
FrankCollins RedSamRackham 64 months ago
In the episode with Faye Dunaway, she committed the murder, but her daughter conspired with her, and helped her, and Columbo let the daughter get away with it, since he could not prove his case without the mother confessing.
Deleted 64 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MaryHelen 64 months ago
UTZAAKE 64 months ago
10/14. Foiled by 6, 7, 12 and 14.
Barry22 64 months ago
Just one more thing, I don't know Columbo. 8/14.
richardkel 64 months ago
13/14 Forgot what kind of car he drove.
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