Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Gunsmoke?

Who never made it to Dodge City?

Gunsmoke ran for 20 seasons from 1955 to 1975, spanning generations of actors who appeared on the hit show in its critically acclaimed and impressive run.

Think you know just about everybody who ever hung their hat in Dodge City?

Scan the celebrities below and try to find the one actor who never met Matt Dillon. Good luck!

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  1. Pick the ONE celebrity who did NOT appear on Gunsmoke:

Can you find the ONE celebrity who never appeared on Gunsmoke?

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JERRY6 31 months ago
that was easy must have seen every episode of gunsmoke . was my Grandmothers favorite show
My grandparents loved it too, but I only saw it when staying overnight with them (rare on a weekday) and have only watched it on occasion since finding it in syndication. It took me a few tries because I didn't recognize half the pictures, lol!
gmail 50 months ago
Never saw him, only that stuck out.
Cowgirl 51 months ago
You found the right one!
Unfortunately, Matt Dillon never met the Sundance Kid. Robert Redford's acting career actually started with an episode of Maverick, and he later also appeared on The Virginian, just before his big screen career took off in the Sixties with movies like Barefoot in the Park, The Chase and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And although Gunsmoke ran through 1975, movies kept Redford busy and off the TV through the rest of his career, apart from a few documentary series and one TV movie he took part in between 2014-2017.
Joseph 63 months ago
I found the right one. I remembered seeing the others in the show, though a couple of them rather vaguely, so it was the process of elimination.
Lacey 63 months ago
Wow, Redford did so many OTHER TV appearances I would have thought Gunsmoke was a shoe-in.
RichardJohnFuller 63 months ago
I got it. It was just a matter of deducing where many of their careers were then and what they might have done.
Some clearly would have appeared on Gunsmoke as their career took off, but Redford seemed the only one who never would have made it there, based on how he would be going around then.
StephenNRussell 63 months ago
Celeb who didnt appear on show: Robert Conrad
AgingDisgracefully 63 months ago
Redford also did a Perry Mason and a hilarious Untouchables episode.
Never forget his Twilight Zone episode.
anthony 63 months ago
Got it . it took me two seconds.
DiscoDave 63 months ago
Got it right! I was a bit surprised
richardkel DiscoDave 63 months ago
Me too. I actually remembered most of the others being on Gunsmoke.
Tampammm richardkel 63 months ago
Ditto! But did not recall Redford.
stephaniestavropoulos 63 months ago
Eureka! METV failed to mention that Robert Redford also appeared on The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Hour AF Presents, Fred Astaire Theatre, Route 66 Perry Mason. So he was kept quite busy with other roles which didn't allow him time for another tv Western, before the Big Screen beckoned him.
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