Are these cartoon birds from Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry?

Guess where these chickens, ducks, woodpeckers and even quails are from!

Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry differed in many ways but used similar themes in their classic shorts. Tom and Jerry obviously had the cat-and-mouse game covered while Looney Tunes featured recurring characters like Bugs, Daffy and Sylvester as well as one-off cartoons with oddball animals. Some of those animals were of the avian variety, and likewise, sometimes Tom and Jerry’s cat and mouse chase was really a cat and mouse and bird chase.

We’ve gathered birds from both animated franchises and mixed them together. Can you tell which feathered friends are from Looney Tunes and which ones are from Tom and Jerry?

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  1. What are these British birds from?
  2. What is this water-loving baby duck from?
  3. What is this quail from?
  4. What is this hummingbird from?
  5. What is this baby woodpecker from?
  6. What is this chick from?
  7. What is this yellow bird from?
  8. What is this hen from?
  9. What is this bluebird from?
  10. This baby bird forgot to hatch all the way. What is it from?
  11. There's a cat with its eyes set on this bird. What is this from?
  12. What is this bird from?

Are these cartoon birds from Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry?

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Toonhead 20 months ago
Dare I say this quiz was for the birds?! Dare, dare lol!
Toonhead 20 months ago
7/12 AUUGH! I guess I needed the music to get it right! I’m so ashamed.🤔🤪🤫😎
kimmer Toonhead 20 months ago
Took me a bit...great job!
verch 21 months ago
disastrous 3/12 for the birds
kimmer 21 months ago
10/12....I love my Looney Tunes!
coltonyoung06 21 months ago
Toonhead coltonyoung06 20 months ago
Very, very good! I’m genuflecting in your direction. Bravo!
retro6 21 months ago
8/12 this was hard for me couldn’t discern the birds
TheOnlyONE 21 months ago
12/12. After this quiz, you should be flying High.
Toonhead TheOnlyONE 20 months ago
I’m my case shot down in flames would be more accurate lol
LH 21 months ago
9/12 The style of some of these birds looks kind of close so I wasn’t sure
justjeff 21 months ago
8/12... MeTV gave me the bird!
Toonhead justjeff 20 months ago
Me too, bro! 🤔🤪😎
Snickers 21 months ago
Wow, only 8 out of 12. Better get out my bird I.D book.
Susan00100 21 months ago
12/12. Of course, this quiz is for the birds!!
Toonhead Susan00100 20 months ago
Awww, ya beat me to the best line! Lol
ehatfield 21 months ago
12 out of 12!
Toonhead ehatfield 20 months ago
Egad! Who knew we had so many bird experts? I guess I got the boid!
MaryAnn 21 months ago
9/12, lucky guesses on most of them. I thought #8 was one of Foghorn Leghorn’s girlfriends.
Jacki 21 months ago
7/12 thought I'd do better.
Wenatchee7 21 months ago
8/12 This quiz was for the birds.
Toonhead Wenatchee7 20 months ago
Geez, you’re the second one who beat me to the best line! I gotta pay more attention lol
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