Can you fill in the right numbers to complete these Rifleman episode titles?

Memorable episodes counted escaped outlaws, fateful hours and symbolic ounces of tin.


The Rifleman never failed to provide high-stakes action and drama over the course of its 168 episodes. Many of those precarious predicaments involved groups of outlaws, hours ticking off the clock – anything you can put a number on.

Here are 10 Rifleman episodes with numbers in the title. Can you fill in the right figures for each one?

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  1. ______ Ounces of Tin
  2. ______ Hours to Die
  3. The ______ Witness
  4. ___ Years and a Day
  5. ___ Went to Denver
  6. ______-Legged Terror
  7. Incident at Line Shack ______
  8. And the Devil Makes ______
  9. The ______ Cousin
  10. A certain number of outlaws take over North Fork in the episode simply titled...

Can you fill in the right numbers to complete these Rifleman episode titles?

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GTStang08 7 months ago
10/10...I still watch the show to this day.
RichLorn 26 months ago
I should be shot for that.
Speaking of which.... I recently read a bit of trivia that might interest some. Most people have seen the classic 1939 John Ford movie "Stagecoach". Recall the classic scene when John Wayne makes his first appearance in the film, standing on foot in the path of the approaching stagecoach and doing a one-handed twirl of his rifle ordering the stage to "Hold it"! That rifle is the very same rifle Luke McCain uses in The Rifleman series.
Catman 26 months ago
Nope. Not my finest hour. 5/10
JERRY6 26 months ago
2 of 10 missed the target by a mile
UTZAAKE 26 months ago
1/10. My best chance at achieving a reverse perfect score foiled by the last question.
Hilary 26 months ago
A solid western for a half hour program. Love Lucas and Mark
Arnold_Ziffel4_life 26 months ago
5/10, and I absolutely LOVE this show, I never miss it, it is my favorite. I must pay more attention to the titles!
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MrsPhilHarris birddog 26 months ago
I was thinking of checking it out on the weekend.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 26 months ago
Actually there must be more but the names allude me. 🤔
TazMDevil MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
The Munsters season 1 had episode titles. I don't think season 2 had titles.
Gunsmoke had titles for some seasons.
Three Stooges
Star Trek
That's all my brain is able to conjure up at the moment.
MrsPhilHarris TazMDevil 26 months ago
Wow that’s a pretty good memory you have.
Patty18 26 months ago
One right and I guessed that one. I am just now watching the show and Season One didn't have any numbers in the titles. Not only am I loving the show but have you noticed the guest stars who are now famous and the same for the directors?
teire 26 months ago
I really like the show but can not prove it by my score, one right. Sorry Lucas and Mark.
Runeshaper 26 months ago
5/10, which is solid considering I don't recall any titles from this show LOL
LoveMETV22 26 months ago
Just curious, how often is an episode title displayed on tv shows. I'm sure there are shows that have or do display a title. I know The Love Boat does. Trying to think of other shows that do, Anyone? Anyone?
Stardoc 26 months ago
7/10 all guesses. Watch the show but don’t pay too much attention to the title. In fact, most older shows wouldn’t show the title. If you have a DVR from your provider, it’ll show the title when you read the synopsis of the show. Good quiz.
Mac2Nite 26 months ago
1/10 😂🤣😂🤣 I never knew the episodes had titles until meTV showed them in their episode descriptions.
LoveMETV22 26 months ago
4/10. All guesses. Great show, but never followed the episode titles that closely. Great and Fun Quiz. Thanks MeTV.
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