Can you name these records played by Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP?

No sitcom had a cooler record collection.


WKRP in Cincinnati was more than a sitcom about a radio station — the show was, in a way, a radio station. In each episode, the fictional disc jockeys would spin classic tunes, deep cuts and fresh jams. Dr. Johnny Fever was the king of cool when it came to rock 'n' roll, while Venus Flytrap had an ear for funk, soul, reggae and jazz. 

The range of music heard on WKRP in Cincinnati was impressive. The original broadcasts played everything from the Beatles to… well, let's see if you can name some others.

The following albums all hit the turntables in the first season of WKRP. Due to rights, you may not hear them in reruns, but you just might on MeTV FM. Plus, it's good to know what killer taste these characters — and creators — had.
  1. WKRP is credited with helping this band break big, thanks to Johnny playing "Heart of Glass."
  2. In the famous Thanksgiving episode, Johnny dropped the needle on "Dogs" from this album.
  3. Johnny (very, very) briefly left the station, and thankfully came back. Upon his return, he played a track from this album.
  4. Speaking of his departure, Johnny spun "I'm Moving On" from this album before he bailed.
  5. "A Date with Jennifer" opened with Johnny playing this record in the booth.
  6. Here's another band Johnny helped break. Mostly because he played the single from this album in the season finale.
  7. The first song Johnny played in "Johnny Comes Back" was her cover of "Ooh Baby Baby."
  8. Johnny played "Rock 'N Roll Fanstasy" from this rock platter.
  9. Right after that song, he switched to "Hold the Line" from…?
  10. In "Tornado," Johnny gave the song "Goon Squad" a spin off this album.
  11. The very first song Johnny played on the show was "Queen of the Forest" from this LP. He liked it so much he played it again in "Mama's Review."
  12. In "The Contest Nobody Could Win," Johnny teased listeners with the "money, money, money, money…" refrain from this funky soul group.

Can you name these records played by Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP?

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StantheMan19 26 months ago
11/12. The Grateful Dead never did anything for me.
dekane54 26 months ago
This time I got 10 out of 12! I love rock and roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby!
JDnHuntsvilleAL 26 months ago
MeTV Millenials at it again. [He liked it so much he played it again in "Mama's Review."] He didn't play it AGAIN -- it's a flashback to the first time he played it.
Moverfan JDnHuntsvilleAL 26 months ago
I've seen Mama's Review I don't know how many times (if you don't recognize the title, it starts out with Andy and Venus playing Hide The Broadcast Booth Chair). A couple of years ago, I FINALLY realized that they'd reshot all of Mama Carlson's scenes for that episode because Sylvia Sidney played her in the pilot while Carol Bruce was in the series! (Took me 10, 15 years of re-runs to finally notice that there was no applause when Mr. Carlson said that if she fired Andy, he was leaving too.)
STTOS 26 months ago
You got 12 out of 12 - Rock on! You have an ear and an eye for classic music. Not really a huge WKRP fan, I just know my 70's rock!! The Cars "The Cars" one of the best debut albums of all time.
vinman63 26 months ago
Knight Ryder seem to play the Best of Rick Springfield album.
rebelIrish 27 months ago
Missed only one, but it sure back some memories because it is all music from my days, generation!!
AllisonWunderland 27 months ago
10/12…Can’t believe I goofed on #3 🤦‍♀️
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