Can you fill in the blank with the correct iconic TV character name?

Who loves the nightlife? Who meets Clint Eastwood?

Do you know TV's most iconic characters to figure out which one fits in the episode titles below?

We've pulled popular premieres and finales, plus some memorable episodes in between, to see if you can prove you're the ultimate when it comes to TV's biggest icons. Good luck!
  1. The first episode of one family sitcom found this classic TV kid in trouble: ____________________ GETS 'SPELLED
  2. In a favorite episode of a cherished sitcom, the star was in the spotlight for: ____________________ DOES A TV COMMERCIAL
  3. This TV star hit the club for the final episode of his show: ____________________ LIKES THE NIGHTLIFE
  4. This iconic TV character realizes he still loves his ex in: ____________________ LOVES PINKY
  5. You could definitely say this character kicked off his series defeating a series of obstacles: ____________________ OVERCOMES THE OBSTACLE COURSE
  6. This TV alien is captured by Captain Nirvana and her evil henchmen in: ____________________ VS. THE NECROTONS
  7. Everybody in town was glad to see this classic TV character back for: THE RETURN OF ____________________
  8. Two major stars had much to discuss when: CLINT EASTWOOD MEETS ____________________
  9. A case of mistaken identity finds this TV star on an unexpected vacation in: ____________________ GOES SOUTH FOR A SPELL
  10. In the final episode of this star's show, they were memorably made to pose as a goddess: ____________________, THE GODDESS

Can you fill in the blank with the correct iconic TV character name?

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MrBill 63 months ago
8/10; missed Gilligan and Mork
JeffTanner 64 months ago
You got 8 out of 10 -----------------Ayyy, we knew you'd be too cool for this quiz! Got 8 and 10 wrong.
AndrewHass 64 months ago
I was 10/10 but i thought it was an easy quiz.
cperrynaples 64 months ago
10/10! 9 wasn't really mistaken identity but amnesia, something that seemed to happen to Samantha a lot because of the Council of Witches!
teire 64 months ago
10/10. Mr. Ed sure met a lot of people.
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You're welcome teire! Glad to be of service. Also glad to know that {he's the only one that's had the nerve to call me that to my face,-that doesn't mean that others don't agree with him} you don't find me long winded. How is one going to explain something if they don't use words? The more words one uses, {sometimes, other times there can still be some miscommunication;} the less questions the reader has to ask the responder. I like knowing that I've been able to help someone, even though it's only in the verbal and not physical sense.
P.S. {In case anybody was wondering:} the "he" I was referring to: JeffTanner. He made some snide remark to me because on one of the quiz pages I only gave my score and he responded like: "Where's your long winded remark," or something like that.
Not only did GB recommend AY for the part, he also, I believe, put up his own $$ and his own studio to shoot the pilot, I think.
stephaniestavropoulos 63 months ago
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