Can you match these spooky mansions to the right movies?

Do you know these eerie estates, creepy castles and mysterious manors?


An important part of any good horror film is the setting. Creating the perfect creepy atmosphere is half the battle when trying to scare the audience.

The movies in this quiz had no problem with their locations, they all used spooky houses and mansions! See if you can match each estate to the right film.

  1. What Hitchcock movie is this iconic mansion from?
  2. This house got an unfortunate makeover in...
  3. This gothic masterpiece is from which Universal horror sequel?
  4. What movie is this haunted house from?
  5. Do you recognize this mansion? It's from...
  6. Which Hammer horror movie is this spooky castle from?
  7. Do you know which movie this house is from?
  8. This creepy mansion is from...
  9. What movie is this eerie estate from?
  10. Do you know what this haunted mansion is from?
  11. What movie is this mansion from?
  12. This house looks almost pleasant, though it's far from it in...

Can you match these spooky mansions to the right movies?

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grandpa5741 32 months ago
8/12 home is where the horror is.
dmzabooo 32 months ago
I did terrible! 7/12 (yikes) How about this for the record.....the Amityville horror house actually had to change those iconic windows due to the traffic that the house generated. The thought behind the changing of the windows was to fool the sight seeing public. All because the neighborhood was tired of the bad exposure/publicity & the traffic the house would draw.
And also I think those 1960’s & 70’s Hammer studio horror flicks were awesome. A bit different looking take of the characters than their Hollyweird counterparts. But that’s what made them so different and interesting.
Does Anyone else appreciate Hammer Studios different take on the American classic horror stories?
lynngdance 32 months ago
BONUS QUESTION. What’s this from?
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LOL! I just noticed your post picture...pretty dog-gone cute 🐕
Oh you mean my profile pic? Thanks! 😄. It’s Dodger from Disney’s Oliver and Company. 😁
LOL 😆...I knew it was called something, thank you for the correct term 😉👍
Filmnoirfan 32 months ago
9/12 - seen all the ones featured in B & W movies, but not a big fan of the Hammer movies. Psycho best of the bunch and The Haunting a solid second
gailjones 32 months ago
10/12 fairly good. I was disappointed I didn't get them all.
AllisonWunderland 32 months ago
9/12...Looks like I'm a really good guesser today 😉😂
StanleyKRay 32 months ago
12 out of 12. I live in a haunted house
JHP 32 months ago

I couldnt stop laughing - please use a spell checker for #1

Pyscho #1? I claim a mulligan

theres my treat for the spooky time of year
ldowell 32 months ago
Why does the live MeTV constantly have problems and not work?
JohnAustin779 32 months ago
I got 10 out of 12 right. This quiz was a blast, MeTV👍! I was asked at the end of the quiz if I would like to spend the night in one of these spooky houses and my answer is yes, there is one house I would love to see and explore and spend the night in. That house is the Psycho house.

I love that house 💖 so much! I love the gothic Victorian architecture of the house and the stained glass windows that are in the house too. The Psycho house is an absolutely beautiful house! The house I would definitely not spend the night in is the one from The Amityville Horror.

That movie was based on a true story so you couldn't pay me enough to go anywhere near that house 😀🖖!
KJExpress JohnAustin779 32 months ago
To boldly go to the Psycho house! Too scary for me. 😱
TijuanaSlim JohnAustin779 32 months ago
i'd have no problem with either...
- due to my age I first saw the Psycho House on an episode of Murder She Wrote (I think) so it is nothing scary
- the Amityville House (or a plot referencing it) similarly appeared on a CSI: NY Episode... Curious, I looked it up, the 'true story' is more Full of Sh*t than a PortaPotty at the end of the 2nd day...
MrsGuthrie JohnAustin779 32 months ago
Wasn't the Psycho house reused in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?
JohnAustin779 TijuanaSlim 32 months ago
That wasn't the actual Psycho house that was used on Murder, She Wrote. I believe that was the rebuilt one. The original Psycho house burned down in the late-'80s, I believe. That's why I mentioned the stained glass windows.

If you watch Psycho 2, you can see them. They're in the original Psycho too but they're in black and white so it's hard to enjoy them. A homeless person spent the night in the original Psycho house and lit a cigarette and fell asleep and the house went up like kindling or so the story goes anyways. If you'd like to learn more about the Psycho house and it's story, there are all types of videos on YouTube detailing its history.

As for Amityville, I was talking about Ron Dafao. He's the dude who murdered his whole family in the Amityville house before the Lutz' ever lived there. Amityville II: The Possession is his story. He blew his whole family away with a shotgun because he was possessed by a demon.

That is why I wouldn't spend ANY time in the Amity house, not because of the Lutz' story. I believe in not pushing my luck and not going to war with Satan😀🖖!
JohnAustin779 TijuanaSlim 32 months ago
Oh, yeah, also, if you actually read The Amityville Horror book, instead of just watching the movie, it's a lot different. What the Lutz' family experienced in that house is drastically different in the book then in the movie. Hollywood "glamorized" the Lutz' story. Also, the Warrens went and visited the Amityville house which wasn't even in the movie.

If you've seen ANY of The Conjuring movies, then you know who Ed and Lorraine Warren are. I'm 42 years old so I've been around and done a lot of investigating and research about the Amityville house. My conclusions and theories leads me to the belief to stay far away from that house 🖖.
JohnAustin779 MrsGuthrie 32 months ago
Yes, they actually used the Psycho house for a LOT of different shows and movies. The rebuilt house is the one that they've been using since the '90s. Part of the rebuilt one was used on Desperate Housewives, isn't that funny 😄? The original burned down in the late-'80s, I believe.

There's a great video on YouTube that details the strange history of the Psycho house. When I say strange, it's because Universal recycled and reused the Psycho house quite often and for many different TV shows and movies. Just thought you'd like to know 😀🖖.
JohnAustin779 KJExpress 32 months ago
Sally 32 months ago
Only got 6 correct. I've never been a fan of scary movies. After watching Psycho - Yikes!
Mac2Nite 32 months ago
12/12.... this is MY time of year!!😈👻💀🍂💗🧡💛
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