What classic shows are these weird and wonderful witches from?

Which witch is which?


Classic TV had no shortage of fantastical shows. Even “ordinary” family sitcoms or seemingly straightforward Westerns brought in weird and wacky elements from time to time.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that witches turned up all over classic TV – from sitcoms to Westerns to sci-fi shows.

Here are ten witches from Sixties and Seventies television. Can you tell which witch is which and match them to the right show?

  1. Special effects can make any witch fly! What is this from?
  2. What is this creepy trio from?
  3. This witch stopped by the house in...
  4. This enchanting witch from Tennessee appeared in which Western?
  5. This witch brought her curses to which sitcom?
  6. This ruthless "War Witch" brought magic to space in...
  7. Which anthology series is this witch from?
  8. She may not look like a witch, but she definitely had some tricks up her sleeve in which show?
  9. This magic mother-daughter duo appeared in an early black and white episode of...
  10. This little witch and cowboy scared the characters in which sitcom?

What classic shows are these weird and wonderful witches from?

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gb9535 29 months ago
You got 10 out of 10

Did you magically know all the answers or were some a little foggy?
JERRY6 30 months ago
7 is my number today all quizzes I get 7
scp 30 months ago
Nine out of ten. Should have looked at the picture more closely in #1.
grandpa5741 30 months ago
7 of 10, I’m spellbound on this one
SalIanni 30 months ago
No Bewitched questions? That's horrible! What little goblins were responsible for this madness?
FLETCH 30 months ago
6 out of 10, ouch A lot of guesses except Star Trek and Happy Days
Kevinthompson1 30 months ago
I'm surprised I got 10. Some I just guessed.
Dajj 30 months ago
5/10 I dont remember any of these!!
MrBill 30 months ago
6/10; tough quiz - half of those show I have never seen and had to guess.
Snickers 30 months ago
Fun quiz Happy Halloween Everyone!!
VirginiaFerraro 30 months ago
Did lousy-5/10. This is the 3rd attempt to post as the name of #8 keeps getting screwed up. It's Lara Parker, who played a witch on Dark Shadows-Angelique Bouchard
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