Can you complete the titles of these 1960s teen beach movies?

Frankie and Annette are ready to party!

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In the Sixties, movies studios needed just two things to sell tickets to teenagers — Annette Funicello and sand. The beach party movie was the definitive film genre for young Boomers.

There were dozens made, most of them by American International Pictures, as the party expanded to ski slopes and car races in later sequels. 

Still, the beach — and the bikinis — were the key attraction here, not to mention several cameos from celebrities and hip musicians. 

These beach party movies had kooky, clever titles. Let's see if you can fill in the blanks.
  1. In 1960, Connie Francis helped kick off the trend, singing the title song of her movie 'Where the ______ Are'?
  2. The fifth time was a charm, as Frankie and Annette scored with their biggest hit, 'Beach Blanket ______'?
  3. The second Frankie and Annette beach party picture arrived in 1964. This sequel to 'Beach Party' was called '_______ Beach Party.'
  4. Vincent Price teamed with Frankie Avalon in 1965 for the wacky 'Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini _______'?
  5. The seventh of AIP's beach party films arrived 1966. It was called 'The Ghost in the ______ Bikini.'
  6. In 1963, Robert Conrad and Connie Stevens went to the desert for a 'Palm Springs ______'?
  7. MGM got into the game with 1964's 'Get Yourself a ______ Girl'?
  8. Mickey Rooney joined Annette for 'How to ______ a Wild Bikini.'
  9. Fox went for a scarier approach with its 1964 B-movie 'The ______ of Party Beach'?
  10. Fabian starred in 1961's '______ in a Goldfish Bowl.'
  11. Frankie Avalon played the title character who is shot into space with a chimp in 'Sergeant _______'?

Can you complete the titles of these 1960s teen beach movies?

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