Did these things happen in 1978?

It's been 40 years... how well do you remember?

The 1970s was a wild decade. It was a tumultuous time in American history, rife with pop culture happenings. You might remember the decade itself like it was yesterday, but can you pick out the specific events that happened just in 1978?

Ready for a little history lesson? Good luck!
  1. Was HBO launched in 1978?
  2. Did Keith Moon, drummer for the Who, die in 1978?
  3. Was the DeLorean released in 1978?
  4. Was the first song marketed as "punk" released in 1978?
    Stiff Records
  5. Was the Jonestown Massacre in 1978?
  6. Did CNN launch in 1978?
  7. Could you turn right on red in every state before 1978?
  8. Did Elvis' Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite air in 1978?
  9. Was Space Invaders released in 1978?
  10. Did the Volkswagen Beetle stop production in 1978?
  11. Was Apple established in 1978?
  12. Was Jaws released in 1978?
    Universal Pictures
  13. Did Sid Vicious die in 1978?
  14. Was the Son of Sam convicted in 1978?
  15. Did National Lampoon's Animal House come out in 1978?
    Universal Pictures
  16. Was The Godfather released in 1978?
    Paramount Pictures
  17. Did the first Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop open in 1978?
    Ben & Jerry's
  18. Did Roman Polanski flee the country in 1978?
    AP Images
  19. Was Garfield first published in 1978?
    Random House
  20. Did Jimmy Hoffa go missing in 1978?
    AP Images

Did these things happen in 1978?

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DerekBird 30 months ago
You got 17 out of 20
Wow! You've got quite the memory.

Could you turn right on red in every state before 1978? was the question. I answered Yes. I was told that I was Incorrect!

Incorrect was not correct because you could have, but it wasn't legal until 1978!
The question did not ask if it was legal or even say anything about driving. You have always been able to turn right on red even if you were only walking or riding a bike etc.
Because of this I claimed another point due to this ambiguous question.
Drujon 46 months ago
The VW Beetle was in production in Mexico until 2003
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