Can you complete the names of these classic toys?

It's play time!

Whenever we dig up our old toys from storage, it's always a trip down memory lane. Nothing brings back the memories like holding that old Barbie or G.I. Joe. 

But there's usually one problem — a piece is missing. A tiny plastic shoe, some accessory. 

Well, below you will find a dozen toys with a significant piece missing. Namely, one of the words in its name. See if you can complete the titles of these once-popular toys. Good luck!
  1. Fill in the missing word from this classic toy: _______ of Monkeys.
  2. Remember building miniature cabins with _______ Logs?
  3. You could pull his limbs and he would not mind. He was Stretch _______?
  4. In the 1960s, kids played house with a line of toy appliances called _______ Homemaker.
  5. The _______ Cathy doll was all the rage in the early 1960s.
  6. Wham-O once made a bubble-blowing substance called Super _______ Bubble Plastic.
  7. Wham-O made summer fun with the Water _______, which you would hook up to a hose.
  8. This Mattel toys let you make bugs with a substance called "Plastigoop."
  9. The Wooly _______ toy let you draw metal "hair" around a cartoon face with a magnet.
  10. Huffy made an awesome tricycle with a unique steering mechanism called The _______ Machine.
  11. In the 1960s, kids would bounce around the house on a plastic donkey called _______ the Burro.
  12. In the 1970s, Mattel sold a line of hippie-ish, mod dolls called The _______ Family.
Can you complete the names of these classic toys?

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