Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1985?

Gotta get back in time… to watch some TV!

Back to the Future came out in 1985. Which means its the perfect year for time travel fantasy.

Well, imagine you have zipped back to 1985. The first thing on your to-do list? Watch a bunch of television. Because TV was great!

Pick what you would watch that year — and see how your selections compare to other time-travelers.
  1. We arrive in 1985 on a Tuesday in the spring. Pick something to watch between 8PM and 9PM.
  2. It's a Wednesday night at 10PM. What hourlong drama will you watch?
  3. Thursday night is a big night for TV. We begin at 8:30PM. What's on the tube?
     Image: 20th Century Fox
  4. Later that same evening, 10PM. Whatcha watchin' now?
  5. Friday is for action and comedy. Let's start watching at 8PM.
  6. We're settled in for the evening. So let's now watch something at 9PM.
  7. Hey, this 1985 place is pretty great. Let's stay. Now it's Saturday morning, which means one thing — cartoons. Pick one.
     Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  8. After exploring outside all day, you settle back in for more TV at 10PM. Pick your favorite.
  9. Sunday is here. After nuking a TV dinner, you watch something at 7PM. Which is it?
     Image: Columbia Pictures Television
  10. You saved the little brownie for dessert. Treat yourself to another show at 8PM.
  11. It's Monday, your final day visiting 1985. Might as well watch as much TV as possible. Let's start with something at 11AM.
     Image: King World Productions
  12. You should probably report back to the future about what happened. Pick an evening news to watch at 6:30PM.
     Image: AP Photo
  13. Finally, there's time for one last show at 8PM. What will it be?
     Image: Warner Bros.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1985?

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VaughnBaskin 12 months ago
Ahem! You forgot about some great Weekday and Sunday cartoons in 1985 too as well MeTV!!
MichaelSkaggs 23 months ago
Put Knight Rider on the Me-tv schedule.
BrianMoore MichaelSkaggs 21 months ago
With The A-Team. Take off Wagon Train during the weekdays and stick Adam-12 in the Dragnet slots.
scwilson 43 months ago
I remember Airwolf was on in 1985 and a spy thriller on CBS Cover-Up starring the late Jon-Erik Hexum, Jenifer O'Neil, Richard Anderson and after Hexum's death Antony Hamilton. They were on Saturday nights.
ndebrabant 45 months ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses
BrianSkii 46 months ago
"8. After exploring outside all day, you settle back in for more TV at 10PM. Pick your favorite."
-The 'Love Boat' on at 9pm est followed by 'Fantasy Island' at 10pm was my favorite for years as a kid. I forgot the Love Boat lasted 3 or 4 seasons longer.
RobChapman 46 months ago
Where's that darn "None of the above" option.
DarioWiter 46 months ago
35% similar. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
TexasGreek 50 months ago
44% similar
I didn't watch a lot of these at all and some a little.
Runeshaper 57 months ago
44% similar
44% similar to the most popular responses
Amalthea 61 months ago
6, 7 & 9 were hard, because I wasn't really into any of them.
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