Can you complete the lyrics to ''Little Saint Nick'' by The Beach Boys?

How well do you know the story of the ''Little Saint Nick''?

You know The Beach Boys for their major hits like "Good Vibrations," "Kokomo," "Surfin' U.S.A.," "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and so many others.

You can hear them on the radio any given day, but when the holiday season rolls around, you'll certainly hear their biggest holiday hit "Little Saint Nick." 

It was released with The Beach Boys' Christmas Album, which hit the shelves November 9, 1964. You can find the album in the all-new MeTV Mall! 

Sure, you know when to sing the chorus "It's the little Saint Nick," but how well do you actually know the rest of the lyrics to this Christmastime classic?

Take our quiz and find out!

  1. "Well way up north where the air gets ____"
  2. "There's a tale about ____ that you've all been told"
  3. "And a real famous _____ all dressed up in red"
  4. "And he spends the whole year workin' out on his _____"
  5. "It's the little Saint Nick (little Saint Nick) / It's the little Saint Nick (little Saint Nick) / Just a little ____ we call the old Saint Nick"
  6. "But she'll walk a toboggan with a ____ stick"
  7. "She's candy apple red with a ____ for a wheel"
  8. "And when Santa hits the gas, man, just watch her ____"
  9. "Run run ____"
  10. "And haulin' through the snow at a ____ speed"
  11. "With a half a dozen ____ with Rudy to lead"
  12. "He's got to wear his ____ 'cause the snow really flies"
  13. "And he's cruisin' every ____ with a little surprise"

Can you complete the lyrics to ''Little Saint Nick'' by The Beach Boys?

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Todd 1 month ago
One of the lamest songs they ever did. Chuck Berry's Run, run Rudolph is far superior.
RobertK 1 month ago
11 of 13. I mixed up lightning and frightening. Also goggles and glasses. I did it again, sped through the quiz too fast... Last I noticed there wasn't a countdown clock on these quizzes! I have to lay off watching the gameshows!! Thanks for another fun quiz METV! Enjoy the Holidays!!!
harlow1313 1 month ago
I am terribly partial to The Pogues "Fairytale of New York."

If you are unfamiliar, be forewarned, it is a bit gritty.

JeffPaul76 1 month ago
"You got 13 out of 13" -------"Christmas comes this time each year," but you can listen to "Little Saint Nick" anytime you want, no matter if you know the lyrics or not!
Spock123 1 month ago
How could I miss one.? Listen to this song every year , but haven’t heard any Christmas music yet. Well , bottom line
…. Santa likes me Best…
Ready2go 1 month ago
11/13, I know my Beach Boys !
Mark 1 month ago
12 out of many times as I've heard the song, I should know that the answer to the last question is 'pad'. Should I turn in my Beach Boys fan club card now?
MC1707 Mark 1 month ago
olddogg 1 month ago
I do not remember this song but I did get 9/13.
RBJK515 olddogg 1 month ago
That's sad.
Coldnorth RBJK515 1 month ago
Sadder yet I only got 6 right. On the glass half full way of thinking, I GOT 6 RIGHT. YAY MEEE
jtrain 1 month ago
11/13, got #10 and #11 wrong.
Concrete64 1 month ago
10/13 they do play this song a lot, this time of year.
Maverick66 1 month ago
5/13. Guess this isn't a Christmas classic to me (although I do like the Beach Boys).
Mark Maverick66 1 month ago
This one and "The Man With All the Toys" are the ones that get the most airplay at Christmas.
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
I don't know that I ever heard that song. Just tried to deduce the rhymes and the reasons. (Of course, some of my deduces were wild.)
RBJK515 CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Seriously?! Ugh.
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
7/13 Hmmm…? I thought I knew the lyrics. What have I been singing for years? 🤷‍♀️
Probably the Mandela Effect version.
Catman 1 month ago
Not too difficult, but I still bombed.
I have always thought that "Christmas comes this time each year" is the funniest line in any holiday song.
nd1irish Catman 1 month ago
I prefer: “you nauseate me, Mr Grinch…” 😂
Big3Fan 1 month ago
Nope. Only six, with no help from Rhonda.
KJExpress 1 month ago
12/13. Picked "lightning" instead of "frightening." 🤦‍♀️
KJExpress KJExpress 1 month ago
I am actually more familiar with the version as sung by the Muppets.
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