Can you answer some of the hardest TV trivia in the history of Jeopardy!?

These questions stumped contestants. Can you answer them?

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If you play enough quizzes on MeTV, you're going to learn a lot of TV trivia. We would argue that you'll become enough of an expert to win big on

We looked through the game show's history for tough questions about television. These were the highest dollar values in their categories — or perhaps everybody got it wrong.

Let's see if you can pass the test. If you can get 11 or more, pat yourself on the back! Pay close attention to the categories!
  1. Thorkelson is the real last name of this man who played the dopey bass player of the Monkees on TV.
  2. In the original series, Mr. Spock suggests this race, the bad guys in the 2009 movie, is an offshoot of his Vulcan race.
  3. A model of adult humor, this series had one episode about a thumbless alien and 1,700 pounds of walnuts.
  4. It was the second anthology series hosted by Rod Serling.
  5. Ann Guilbert, who played Millie on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' now (in 1998) plays a grandma on this sitcom.
  6. Two Stone Age movie heartthrobs were Stoney Curtis and this suave star, perhaps born Archiboulder Leach.
  7. '77 Sunset Strip' actor who now manages wife Ann-Margret's career.
  8. In the old poem "Wednesday's child is full of" this; that's how Wednesday Addams got her name.
  9. Carol Burnett got her big break on this show when Martha Raye got sick and she replaced her.
  10. Sharing its name with a Virginia settlement, this New York city, Lucy's hometown, hosts two festivals yearly in her honor.
  11. Miss Kitty was the proprietor of this saloon on 'Gunsmoke' for 19 seasons.
  12. Long-running CBS series mentioned in this song — "Flowers on the Wall" by the Statler Brothers (1965).
  13. He played Artie in the movie 'Sunset Blvd.,' then played a TV sergeant who patrolled Sunset Blvd.
  14. Irwin Allen created and produced this '60s show about time-traveling scientists led by James Darren.
  15. A Depression-era family live on their own mountain in Jefferson County, Virginia on this show.
  16. In 1952, he moved his 'House Party' from radio to TV, where it remained for another 17 years.
  17. Bill's 2008 autobiography begins, "Call me... Captain James T. Kirk, or Sergeant T.J. Hooker, or…" this guy.
  18. On "I Love Lucy", it was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name.

Can you answer some of the hardest TV trivia in the history of Jeopardy!?

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ttenchantr 28 months ago
16 out of 18. Blew #7 as I've never seen 77 Sunset Strip and #11 because I can't stand Gunsmoke.
Snickers 31 months ago
13/18. # 17 could have been either Denny Crane or the Big giant head since he played both.
EllisClevenger 59 months ago
You got 16 out of 18
You won! You won! Jump up and down!
Missed #13 and #17.
Deleted 62 months ago
This comment has been removed.
elf_wand 62 months ago
lying spammer
ETristanBooth 62 months ago
16/18. Missed #5 & #11 because I never watched those shows, but many of these were pretty easy.
MrBill 62 months ago
11/18; not too bad a score on a very tough quiz.
TVJunkie 63 months ago
12 out of 18. Not so great. I saw this quiz and went back and forth with myself wondering whether I should do it or not. It was tough. Even though 11 would be considered OK, I think that may be a little low. A tip of the dunce cap (mine) to whoever does at least 15.
JeffTanner 63 months ago
''You got 15 out of 18'' --------------You won! You won! Jump up and down!
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