Can you find the ONE celebrity who was NOT named People's Sexiest Man Alive?

Who's NOT the debonair-est of them all?

In 1985, People Magazine kicked off their tradition of choosing one of Hollywood's top hunks to dub "Sexiest Man Alive."

Over the years, their controversial choices have led to plenty of talk, with fans hotly debating who deserved the top honor.

Here, we've pulled a dozen celebrities, 11 of which have definitely been named People's "Sexiest Man Alive." Only one has never once appeared on that particular issue's cover. Try to find the odd stud out. Good luck!
  1. Find the ONE celebrity who was NOT named People's Sexiest Man Alive:

Can you find the ONE celebrity who was NOT named People's Sexiest Man Alive?

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Lucyneenah19701 12 months ago
I got the right one after 7 tries.
MargaretBLeonard 12 months ago

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elf_wand MargaretBLeonard 12 months ago
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m4moon 12 months ago

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elf_wand m4moon 12 months ago
Skippy 12 months ago
I got the correct one----------after 8 tries--lol. I would have thought Johnny Depp would never have been called sexy. He looks unwashed all the time.
gracie200 12 months ago
when you click on Johnny Depp it says "You picked George Clooney".
teire gracie200 12 months ago
I think that's Tom Cruise. I recognize Johnny Depp in the row below. I clicked on whoever this guy is first, in part because I didn't really recognize him either, in part because I had no idea (with a few exceptions) who the answer might be.
teire teire 12 months ago
It is Tom Cruise, MeTV fixed it. He looks so young in that photo.
JuneMiller 12 months ago
I would go with Tom Selleck over Nick Nolte any day!
Angie JuneMiller 12 months ago
I never saw anything special about Tom Selleck until I saw him in "Quigley Down Under." He was made for Westerns!
richardkel Angie 12 months ago
I loved that movie and also The Shadow Riders. Give me Tom Selleck or Sam Elliot over pretty much any of those others in the list. Well, Sean Connery would be a hard one to turn down too. I just love his voice and smoothness. ^-^
ndebrabant 12 months ago

You found the right one!
The star of Magnum, P.I., Tom Selleck was definitely a hearthrob in the 1980s when People kicked off their Sexiest Man Alive tradition. Although Selleck's good looks were trusted to sell deodorant in the Seventies and led to a movie career in the 1990s, Selleck was never given People's top honor. (We're pretty sure his Golden Globe and Emmy awards are good consolation prizes.)
bettyluvsgators 12 months ago
No the real reason is because he (Tom Selleck) is a conservative!! Hollywood does not give awards, jobs, guest shots, etc to ANYONE who is not a liberal puppet! What gets me is the fact that these are the very people screaming how open minded and loving they are yet in reality they are true bigots - if someone does not agree with them they are to be shut up and put away. Hollywood Liberals are the real reason Selleck was never named Sexist Man Alive.
I thought it was because his show was off the air and he wasn't in any big movies. At least I can't think of any off hand.
He was in Three Men and a Baby, and its sequel to it 3 Men and a Little Lady. Both of Which were popular. He did however, appear in three duds: Mr. Baseball {1992}, Running Mates {2000,} and Killers{2010.}
I agree. The only reason his show Blue Bloods is still on is because it is making CBS a truckload of money
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