Are these unusual inventions from Green Acres or Gilligan's Island?

Both Mr. Haney and the Professor had some creative ideas.

Green Acres and Gilligan’s Island epitomized the fantastically heightened comedy of the 1960s. They didn't just test the limits of plausibility, they never bothered to set any limits in the first place! And both were better for it.

The many outlandish contraptions, inventions and apparatuses seen on both shows are some of the best examples of the way each series took boring old reality and turned it on its head.

Try to guess if these unusual creations were used on Green Acres or Gilligan's Island!

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  1. Shark repellant
  2. Transistorized radio cow-caller
  3. Automatic soybean and/or tomato planter
  4. A lie detector made with a ship's horn
  5. A machine that turns hay into milk
  6. A coconut battery charger
  7. Nitroglycerin formulated from crystalized copper, papaya seeds and rocks
  8. A full fried chicken dinner made from dehydrated powder
  9. A hot air balloon made of raincoats
  10. A combination computer and potato peeler dubbed "computatater"
  11. A washing machine made of a barrel and a boat motor
  12. A pedal-powered telegraph machine

Are these unusual inventions from Green Acres or Gilligan's Island?

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dodgebob 14 days ago
Dehydrated chicken, I should have known the professor was behind that, 11/12
Elkoman 20 days ago
Got all 12! Not to hard as long as you remembered the shows!
Elkoman 22 days ago
11 of 12 Washing machine got me!
Fred_Clampett 23 days ago
12 of 12. Had to guess number 11.
svenlogin 26 days ago
9 out of 12 urgh you got me !!
Toot1956 28 days ago
Easy 12/12 Bring Back Saturday Morning Westerns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jjutley68 29 days ago
You got 10 out of 12 - #11 & #12 a dislexic mixup LOL 🤩 that was fun !
EllisClevenger 29 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
Did you generate all the right answers?
Missed #11
Who knew!? I didn't :(
Tommy EllisClevenger 29 days ago
Almost missed too. Remembered had a stationary bike made of wood and vines on Gilligans Island to propel washer
11/12 That one fooled me too
JERRY6 1 month ago
11 missed the easiest one the washing machine
lynngdance 1 month ago
Oh yeah! I love both of the shows so that helped.
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