Are these the names of forgotten comedy series or did we make them up?

There are so many subgenres of comedy that even these shows sound real.

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The comedy genre is one of the few that could compete with the classic Western category in the 1940s to 1960s. There were so many comedy productions released during that time that some shows, unfortunately, were forgotten. If you had to count how many of those shows were on air, even if they only had one season, you'd be counting all year.

So, instead of doing that, we want to see if you can guess which of these forgotten comedy series are real and which are ones we made up.

Note: The comedy genre has a plethora of subgenres like situational (sitcom), romance (romcom), variety and drama (dramedy), to name a few. These shows are a mixture of the subgenres from the '40s to the late '60s.

  1. Comedy series name: Pinwright's Progress
  2. Comedy series name: Shut Up and Drive
  3. Comedy series name: When The Lights Go Out
  4. Comedy series name: Mary Kay and Johnny
  5. Comedy series name: The Aldrich Family
  6. Comedy series name: Come On, Carrie
  7. Comedy series name: Meet Corliss Archer
  8. Comedy series name: The Adventures of Louise
  9. Comedy series name: Bachelor Father
  10. Comedy series name: Car 54, Where Are You?

Are these the names of forgotten comedy series or did we make them up?

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