Are these the names of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons or real chicken restaurants?

Do you know “Party Fowl” from “All Fowled Up”?


Looney Tunes titles never missed a chance to use a good pun. Every other Bugs Bunny short used “hare” in some way and Daffy had his fair share of pun-y duck tales (pun intended, of course).  

So, it’s only natural that Foghorn Leghorn cartoons were titled with funny fowl phrases. Another place chicken puns are used as names? Restaurants!

Try to guess if these names belong to real chicken restaurants or Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.

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  1. Crowing Pains
  2. Chicken Licken
  3. Sock a Doodle Do
  4. Party Fowl
  5. Galloping Hen
  6. The EGGcited Rooster
  7. Slim Chickens
  8. All Fowled Up
  9. Eggspectation
  10. Of Rice and Hen

Are these the names of Foghorn Leghorn cartoons or real chicken restaurants?

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Jeffrey 30 months ago
"You got 8 out of 10" ---------You strolled through this quiz easily. Great job! ---- I got #s 5 and 9 wrong.
MasonR 31 months ago
You got 6 out of 10
Looks like this quiz blew up in your face. Better luck next time!

Wow... MeTV sure does know how to be total idiots to people...
Snickers 31 months ago
10/10. Knew the cartoons so if it wasn't a cartoon had to be a chicken restaurant.
babsmullan 33 months ago
I did better on other quiz, this one stank only got 6/10 terrible score. I love Foghorn and Baby Huey, thy usually showed them together years ago.
KandySweetsTVG 36 months ago
Ok I need to pay attention more
JC 37 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You strolled through this quiz easily. Great job!
Spiro 37 months ago
"Foghorn's Kickin' Chicken".

I say, I say that's the name of my restaurant and my cartoon.

I say, I say that cuts down on the overhead.
SashaPayneDiaz 37 months ago
6/10 Some really dumb names for chicken restaurants!
MrScott007 38 months ago
10/10 Love Foghorn Leghorn lol
Marshall_Kolchak 38 months ago
9/10 Missed Eggspectation which seems kind of repulsive on name alone, but there's a place called Eggslut at Grand Central Market in LA and it's great, so who knows
trogg888 38 months ago
does anyone really bother to remember the title of cartoon episodes
Tresix trogg888 38 months ago
Since I only got one wrong, I guess some of us do.
dodgebob 38 months ago
6/10, the big fat hen, I took a lickin, trying to pick the right chicken.
Tlor 38 months ago
We have a local bar/restaurant called the Tipsy Chicken
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