Is this Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive or something else?

He played many other Western characters besides bounty hunter Josh Randall.

Steve McQueen perfected his cool charisma on TV in Wanted Dead or Alive before becoming a movie star. But his breakout small-screen role came after years of small parts in other shows and even some movies.

While McQueen is best known for his later action flicks, he continued to revisit the Old West throughout his career. Here are 12 images of Steve McQueen from the 1950s and '60s. Can you tell which ones are from Wanted Dead or Alive and which ones aren't?

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  1. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  2. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  3. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  4. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  5. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  6. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  7. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  8. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  9. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  10. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  11. What is Steve McQueen in here?
  12. What is Steve McQueen in here?

Is this Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive or something else?

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Andybandit 3 days ago
I got 10/12. Wanted dead or alive is one of my favorites westerns.
texasluva 4 days ago
This is not for a barrel of laughs but someone has got to go over Niagara Falls. Thanks to LittleMissNoName we found out just who did in Niagara. Congrats LMNN

Niagara (1953) 1 hr 28 min
Director Henry Hathaway

Marilyn Monroe
Joseph Cotten
Jean Peters

Up loader coded below.

Marilyn Monroe and Niagara:
How old was Marilyn Monroe in Niagara? t 26 year old Marilyn Monroe arrived on June 2nd to begin filming of the movie, “Niagara”
Where did Marilyn Monroe stay in Niagara Falls? the Crowne Plaza Hotel
It's Room 801 inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls and if you play your cards right, you can sleep there, too. “It's more than just the room, it's the entire hotel because this is where she stayed when they were filming the movie Niagara,” said Joseph Legace, general manager of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

When the “world premiere” occurred at the Seneca Theatre in Niagara Falls Ontario on January 28, 1953 Niagara would never be the same. The scenic beauty of Niagara Falls would be seen by millions. Especially appealing were the scenes in the movie of Niagara Falls illuminated at night.

Niagara became one of the biggest movies of 1953 for Twentieth Century Fox, returning five times its investment of two million dollars in the first year release!.
On Jan. 21, 1953, 20th Century Fox opened the Marilyn Monroe-Joseph Cotten melodramatic thriller Niagara in New York. The Hollywood Reporter's original review, headlined "'Niagara' Gripping Meller Full of Sex and Suspense," is below.

Around the scenic splendor of Niagara Falls, Charles Brackett has produced and co-scripted a gripping murder melodrama that is loaded with sex and suspense. With Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotten and Jean Peters turning in superb performances that help maintain a mood of dynamic tension, Niagara should pile up huge grosses for 20th-Fox.

One of a very few murder yarns to be filmed in Technicolor, Niagara, under the skillful megging of Henry Hathaway makes wonderful use of the falls to heighten the suspense and to add pictorial beauty to the production which gains additional exploitation value by its locale, never before used as the focus for a motion picture plot. Those who have never been to Niagara will be fascinated by the exciting shots of the falls, the awesome grandeur of which has been thrillingly captured by Joe MacDonald's fine photography.

Story is built around an attempt at murder that misfires. Marilyn Monroe plots with Richard Allen to kill her husband, Joseph Cotten, the conspirators planning on meeting in Chicago after Allan has done the dirty work. To set the stage for what must be made to look like suicide, Marilyn builds up the idea that Cotten is a psychopath, telling Jean Peters and Casey Adams, a couple enjoying a belated honeymoon at the falls, that he has just been discharged from a veterans' mental hospital. When the news breaks that Cotten has disappeared and a body found in the river, it is assumed that he has killed himself. Called to the morgue to identify her husband, Marilyn collapses when she sees that the dead man is Allen, killed by Cotten in self-defense, and is taken to the hospital.

When Miss Peters later sees Cotten and tells her husband, Adams dismisses it as a dream, convinced that Cotten is dead. Meanwhile, Marilyn, fearing Cotten's vengeance, escapes from the hospital only to be pursued by Cotten and strangled. From then on the film becomes an exciting manhunt which ends when Cotten steals a motorboat with Jean aboard and races for Buffalo, pursued by the police. The boat, running out of gas, gets caught in the rapids, heading for the falls, Cotten smashes up the craft, hoping to scuttle it. The boat floats near a rock and Cotten pushes Jean to a ledge from which she is rescued in thrilling fashion by helicopter after Cotten goes over the falls with the boat.

Hathaway draws splendid performances from his cast and maintains a taut, spicy tempo that grips the attention consistently. Miss Monroe turns in her finest acting performance yet, adding to her acting laurels by playing a sexy tart with a provocative abandon that has a powerful impact. Cotten is excellent as the unfortunate husband, drawing sympathy yet managing to imbue his characterization with a hint of the psychotic that makes his death the only logical conclusion. Jean Peters also turns in a warm, sensitive performance as the honeymooner drawn into the murder intrigue, with Casey Adams fine as her somewhat bewildered husband. Don Wilson contributes some good comedy relief with a skillful and amusing portrayal of a jovial sales tycoon. Others standing out include Denis O'Dea, Richard Allen, Lurene Tuttle, Russell Collins and Will Wright.

Sol Kaplan's music, directed by Lionel Newman, helps heighten the mood of suspense, with other technical functions on the high-quality level one expects from 20th-Fox productions. — Staff review, originally published on Jan. 20, 1953
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texasluva Moody 4 days ago
I just watched the last play on no-hitter on ESPN. Wow! I like the Rangers too but I hate most all other Texas Teams. Cowboys I watch only for them to lose, Longhorns I want them to lose. Now my team I cheer for years pitches a No No vs the Rangers. Too much.
TheDavBow3 Moody 3 days ago
Oh yes. Great movie! I like almost anything with Jack and Tony in it.
texasluva Moody 3 days ago
I have seen The Haunting (1963) with Julie Harris. It is pretty good.
Moody texasluva 2 hours ago
I got the name wrong, Claire Bloom not Claire Booth. That's what I get for trying to rely on my memory.
texasluva 4 days ago
Friday Movie Quiz. Film-Noir, Thriller + Entertainment Specials

I have been waiting for this movie awhile. Wanna know why. It's just so good. The actors just make it so life like. One has been in movies for over a decade while one just recently (since this movie) started to rise up for more then one reason. Starts off in what appears to be a wonderful vacation getaway for fun and leisure Then turns ever so quickly into a quagmire of misery. You will follow each ones foot steps along the way with apprehension, excitement and finally terror. You know the drill. Husband checks things out and comes to only one conclusion. It will not be good for somebody and others involved along the way making you hold your breathe. The ending is even more tragic. The scenery magnificent. If your looking for dates or XXXXXX's for name, sorry not giving them. The hours have turned to minutes and now seconds. I do not want this to turn into like nanoseconds and go by the way of the Dodo Bird-extinct. I want to Live! Well for a bit anyway.

Just hoping this movie will still be around by quiz time and you can take part in watching.

Below all the hoopla I am giving you a link to another really good movie.

Gunfight at the OK Corral (Opening credits).

The Beatles - ''From me to you''(Lennon - McCartney).

Dire Straits Sultans of Swing live very rare 1978.

Bonus movie:
If you're looking a spooky night. A little horror then this film is for you. Twice Told Tales. May be that the person telling it twice don't make it for a third one. Well something to think about. Why wait until Halloween when you can be half scared to death now? if you can make it through 2 hours and 0 seconds then you're home free.
Twice Told Tales (1963) 2 hr exactly

Vincent Price
Sebastian Cabot
Brett Halsey
Beverly Garland
Richard Denning

The Uploader has labeled this movie- 1963 Outubro 30

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Here are some famous people that live in Plano or used to. Deon Sanders too. Armstrong went to East Plano High 4 miles from me.

Troy Aikman – Dallas Cowboy Quarterback, Pro Ball Hall of Fame
Lance Armstrong – 7 time Tour de France Winner?
Steve Harvey – radio host and comedian
Stephen Katz – film & TV writer – wrote The Contract
H. Ross Perot – billionaire businessman & 2 time presidential candidate
Greg Ray – former auto racing driver in Indy Racing League.
Scott Mechlowicz – star of Eurotrip
Jennifer Vasquez – contestant on reality hit Big Brother 6 on CBS
Kristin Holt – host of G4’s Cheat! and former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
Anousheh Ansari – Plano businesswoman & first female space tourist
Alan Tudyk – stage & film actor, Serenity, Dodgeball
Nastia Liukin – gymnast
That's a pretty impressive list of locals making good. Except for the one black mark: Lance Armstrong. I noted you have a question mark by his name. Do you doubt he is guilty of doping? Apparently the Cycling Association, {or whatever its called} didn't doubt it. I think all of his 7 titles were stripped from him.
Seeing a former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, {?} listed, reminds me of my somewhat very thin familial ties with another DC QB: Tony Romo. He, my mom, my sister and brother-in-law all attended the same college: Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, which is located in the central part of the state. That's where Becky and Dan met.
Moody texasluva 2 hours ago
Tony Gwynn is definitely one of the greatest of all time. He could slap the ball anywhere on the field. I'd love to see him play today. No team would dare try to play one of those stupid shifts. He'd just it where they ain't!
texasluva Moody 1 hour ago
He was one of the most clutch hitters in Baseball. Bases loaded was like over .400. Who are the only players to be walked intentional with the bases loaded?
Snickers 4 days ago
10 out of 12. pretty good since I'm not a fan of the show.
Muleskinner 4 days ago
12/12. You have to check out the clothes.
TheDavBow3 5 days ago
12/12?! Surprised, am I! Looked at Steve's hairstyles and wrinkles on face 😉
Coca 5 days ago
Great Actor
And car racer
Runeshaper 5 days ago
You got 12 out of 12 = WOOHOO!!! (-:

Surprised by how well you did? You shouldn't be, you really know your stuff!
FLETCH 6 days ago
11 out of 12 Only got the last one wrong
UTZAAKE 6 days ago
11/12. Yep. The last one...again.
6. In British Commonwealth nations not named Canada, this is considered an obscene gesture. Reenacted a few years later in the film Le Mans.
Raso 6 days ago
Not to bad i missed the very lad one
Barry22 6 days ago
12/12, all lucky guesses. In The Blob he played a "teenager", the oldest looking teenager ever.
CaptainDunsel 6 days ago
Mostly good guesses. Only on #1 and #8 did I actually know what they were from.
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