Are these suspicious characters from Columbo or Adam-12?

Can you place these '70s suspects?

No one could solve a case like Columbo and when it came to keeping the streets of Los Angeles safe, Officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy were two of the best. Both Columbo and Adam-12 were notable for the wide variety of the criminals each show portrayed. High-end burglary, violent thugs, rebellious kids, and jealous spouses all showed up at one time or another.

Here is a selection of unsavory characters from both shows.

Can you tell which suspects are from Columbo and which are from Adam-12?

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  1. You may recognize this suspect but what show is he on here?
  2. What show is this prowler on?
  3. What show is this suspicious character on?
  4. What show is she on?
  5. Can you place this beaded suspect?
  6. Which show turned Dick Van Dyke into a villain?
  7. What show was this man arrested on?
  8. What show is he on?
  9. The man on the right is up to no good on which show?
  10. What show is this belligerent man on?
  11. What show is he on?
  12. This man swore he did nothing wrong on which show?

Are these suspicious characters from Columbo or Adam-12?

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mikeone 4 months ago
I really like Columbo!!
Just one more thing...I like Adam 12 too!! Lol
Dajj 4 months ago
12/12 I luv Columbo! Adam 12 was great, too!!
Ginnyg 6 months ago
12 out of 12 & I love both shows
LH 7 months ago
#8?? I didn’t recognize the guy in the mask at all and I thought I’d seen all of the Colombo episodes.
Elkoman 7 months ago
2 wrong, Adam 12 had cool cars on this show!
LisaJ501 7 months ago
11/12...not bad...loved both shows
Toot1956 7 months ago
12/12 #BRINGBACKSATURDAYMORNINGWESTERNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HopeDuchaine 7 months ago
12/12. Easy. I love "Adam -12".
FLETCH 7 months ago
11 out of 12,

If I'm not mistaken, this is William Shatner behind the balaclava
MikefromJersey 7 months ago
12 for 12. How about a quiz with Peter Gunn? Some of the stuff they slid by the censor with
Hope Emerson("Mother") was pretty wild.
ma2lyssa 7 months ago
I know my old shows 😁
BruceMorgan 7 months ago
Knew almost all of them. I loved both shows and after watching the shows over and over I keep seeing actors who would go on to become super stars
Geronimo 7 months ago
All guesses and never watched these shows. How you doin😉
CouchPotato19 Geronimo 7 months ago
Me too. I think the lighting of the shows is what helped me.
superdonwu 7 months ago
12/12. Columbo is one of my all time favorite shows!
Greg 7 months ago
12/12. #10 is definitely Ken Swofford.
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