Are these Elroy Jetson’s gadgets or real toys from the Sixties?

Zoombots, Snooperscopes and Space Crawlers – which were real and which could only be found in Orbit City?

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We think it’s fair to say that Elroy Jetson had some of the coolest toys of any kid on TV. After all, he did live in 2062. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a wide variety of Space-Age gadgets and gizmos available to real kids who lived in 1962. 

We’ve taken 10 toys from the Sixties and mixed them up with Elroy’s devices seen in The Jetsons. The names come right from vintage advertisements or quotes from Jetsons episodes. Can you guess which of these are real Sixties toys and which are Elroy’s gadgets?

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  1. Was this a futuristic cartoon gadget or a real Sixties kids fashion accessory?
  2. Did this rocket launcher toy belong to Elroy or real Sixties kids?
  3. Was this a real novelty plastic food toy or what Elroy ate for dinner?
  4. This toy was based on a heroic character. Was it Elroy's or could real kids buy it?
  5. Did these maneuverable construction toys belong to Elroy or real Sixties kids?
  6. Was this a real Sixties toy or an Elroy gadget?
  7. Was this telescopic toy real or just in The Jetsons?
  8. Were these Elroy's wall-walking shoes or astronaut footwear for Sixties kids?
  9. Was this toy blaster real or just an Elroy gadget?
  10. Who played with this miniature vehicle, Elroy or real Sixties kids?

Are these Elroy Jetson’s gadgets or real toys from the Sixties?

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Tresix 28 months ago
6/10. I would have been the right age for these toys, but I don’t remember too many of them.
JimmyD 28 months ago
9/10 Did better than I thought I would.
TheOnlyONE 28 months ago
10/10. Some of these gadgets beat today's mindless toys for kids.
dmirarh 28 months ago
You got 4 out of 10, well that went south fast.
GregOden 28 months ago
I thought Elroy had a Hooka too
GregOden 28 months ago
7/10 but ole Joe says I get a trophy!!!!
RichLorn 28 months ago
I missed the pizza question. Let that be a lesson to you. Never take a quiz when you're hungry.
KM27 28 months ago
Brandon is a toy of the squad…
Filmnoirfan 28 months ago
9/10 - better than I expected since a couple of Elroy's toys looked like they could have eventually found their way onto the shelves
ncadams27 28 months ago
Notice that their car doesn’t have seat belts. They were just becoming popular in 1962 and not yet standard equipment.
Gossemer 28 months ago
9/10 gotta watch where you tap ypur fingers, but i would have picked that wrong anyway lol.
Dave 28 months ago
Uh, Space Shoes are a real toy, renamed Moon Shoes!
RichLorn Dave 28 months ago
I had those! I thought they for wearing when you mooned .... err, never mind.
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