Do these classic sci-fi TV shows take place before or after the year 2021?

Have we already passed the time of Lost in Space and The Jetsons?


When Nineteen Eighty-Four was published in 1949, the year 1984 seemed a long way off. Now, 1984 seems like a long time ago. Blade Runner took place in the flying-car future of… 2019.

Living in the year 2021 means that we have now passed the setting of many sci-fi classics.

But what about classic TV shows? Did these shows take place before or after 2021? The answers might surprise you! 

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  1. "Stardates" are hard to understand and explain… but when does Star Trek: The Original Series take place?
  2. Lost in Space had spaceships and robots… but when does it take place?
  3. Let's stick with the shows of Irwin Allen. Does Land of the Giants take place before or after 2021?
  4. What about The Jetsons? Have we passed the era of George and Jane?
  5. How about Babylon 5? When does that take place?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  6. Take a look at this UFO from the futuristic Twilight Zone episode "Death Ship." When does this take place?
  7. Speaking of UFOs… what about the Seventies TV series 'UFO'?
     Image: ITC Entertainment
  8. Remember Thunderbirds, with the marionettes? When does this take place?
     Image: ITC Entertainment
  9. Back to Irwin Allen… what about The Time Tunnel?
  10. And how about Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?
  11. Logan's Run — the TV show based on the movie?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  12. What about the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jabberjaw?
     Image: Warner Bros. Television
  13. When does Quantum Leap take place? Well… what in what year does Sam start his leaping?
     Image: NBCUniversal Television

Do these classic sci-fi TV shows take place before or after the year 2021?

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ThomasPotter 5 months ago
I never knew Jabberjaw was set in the future.
VaughnBaskin 10 months ago
GREAT SCOTT! I've got 13 out of 13!
AnnieM 39 months ago
I got 11/13, so not bad. One I missed was 'Jabberjaw' - I actually used to watch that cartoon, but I don't remember it being set in 2076.
Dajj 39 months ago
11/13. Some good Sci-Fi shows.
GregLemieux 39 months ago
11/13 I missed Thunderbirds and Jabberjaw - and I used to watch Thunderbirds!
marmetv20 40 months ago
12/13 can't believe I missed Quantum Leap! Love that show.
shorty251 40 months ago
I would LOVE for MeTV to bring back Quantum Leap!
HulkFan02 shorty251 40 months ago
Yea, same goes to some favorite i love
FLETCH 40 months ago
I got the next two wrong after Star Trek then ran the table after that!

11 out of 13
JDnHuntsvilleAL 40 months ago
WHAT? No "Space: 1999" reference? I'm sure Millennials would miss that one.
RickBrosh 40 months ago
8/13. Sci-Fi's another genre that's never really held my interest, along with westerns.
Shatner1 40 months ago
11/13--never heard of ufo and jabberjaw
Lacey Shatner1 40 months ago
You have never heard of UFO?
A bit cheesy by today's "we have to be dark" standards, but it was thought-provoking never the less.
Marshall_Kolchak 40 months ago
11/13 Missed Jabberjaw and Logan's Run (only paid attention to Farrah in that!)
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