Which non-Western shows are these TV horses from?

We’ve got ponies of all kinds down at the MeTV stables. Can you guess where they’re all from?


Most horses seen on TV are chasing down outlaws or trotting down main streets in classic Westerns. But there were plenty of stallions and steeds who showed up on sitcoms, sci-fi series and crime dramas as well.

Here are 15 horses seen on classic television. Can you guess what show each hooved performer is from? 

  1. What is this horse from?
  2. This horse was allowed inside the house in...
  3. What is this spotted horse from?
  4. This horse is on which sitcom?
  5. This horse trotted through camp in...
  6. What is this racehorse from?
  7. This may look like a Western, but it's actually a scene from...
  8. This is technically a mule, but we'll count it! It's from...
  9. This dangerous steed is not of this world. What sci-fi show is it from?
  10. This "startled stallion" is from...
  11. What is this speedy horse from?
  12. Can you tell what this horse is from?
  13. This ominous horse and rider are from...
  14. This horse was seen in...
  15. This horse is from...

Which non-Western shows are these TV horses from?

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Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
10/15 Came out of the gate good, then started trailing at the end.
Zip 25 months ago
Why the long face?

Because I got 9/15.

You know, I never understood why the lady in #13, who was trying to talk to herself from another time to keep her from marrying the bum she married, didn't just ride up to her younger self calmly, instead of screaming her name and charging at her the way she did like some lunatic. She had several chances to call to her rationally, but every single time, she screeched at her and, dressed up like some witch on horseback, charged at her and then wondered why her younger self rode away quickly.
dodgebob Zip 25 months ago
( : ~ ), Long face
dodgebob dodgebob 25 months ago
( : ~ =)
RichLorn 25 months ago
Spotting the trademark alliterative "startled stallion" clue in #10 saved me. Along with a bit of luck near the end.
UTZAAKE 25 months ago
11/15; 2, 7, 9 and 14.
13. Diana Hyland who played a character at two different stages of her life.
vinman63 25 months ago
No Mr Ed
dodgebob vinman63 25 months ago
Ohhhh Wilbur!!!!!
vinman63 dodgebob 25 months ago
Carol looked hot in shorts, where as Wilbur may have liked Ed who was hung as a you guess it.
dodgebob vinman63 25 months ago
I think Ed had enlargement surgery just for Wilbur, no animals were hurt during the procedure.
Moverfan 25 months ago
9/15. Better than I thought...much better than I thought...
TSeym22 25 months ago
12/15 Thank goodness there was a recognizable actor in many of them.
Mike 25 months ago
15/15 and I have no idea how I got them all.
Steve2021 25 months ago
15/15 ! easy quiz ....uh add luck to it.....
BuckeyeBeth7 25 months ago
13/15 I missed 7 & 13. 13 is because I always mix up what episodes are from Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and other shows like that. Even though I know that particular episode was just played last week, I missed on my guess. I can usually tell you what the episodes are all about but I am hard-pressed to remember which series they are from. :(
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